Why Sancho over Hudson odoi?

  • While I appreciate Sancho is a good young English player, if his value is over £7 why is Hudson Odoi less than £1.50 especially as Chelsea have a new manager, who started him today and he had a cracking game and leads the fwd ratings as I write this for a payout on match day divs. Surely 4.5 Hudson odoi vs 1 Sancho is better value.

  • @Deano4dawin

    The logic is that over summer Sancho could generate a lot of media because of his transfer and that will push his price up like it did last year.

    I don't hold Sancho or advocate for or against but that's the logic.

  • I dont hold, just seeing the prices rise on the index, and seeing these two very similar in age, position and promise I just can't see why the price difference is so great. I see your point about the transfer though but I don't think that justifies the price difference.

  • @Deano4dawin just take a look how much Sancho earned in divs over the last 18 months. And compare that Hudson Odoi. There’s your answer.
    I don’t hold either btw 😜 just saying

  • @Deano4dawin both are English, same age but

    Sancho is a regular starting 11 for his club, Hudson Odoi isn't
    Sancho often plays 90 mins, Hudson Odoi isn't
    Sancho plays for England, Odoi plays for England U21
    Sancho will probably move this Summer, back to England, Odoi is not likely to move anywhere
    Sancho PB average is way higher than Odoi
    It is normal for Sancho price to be 4-5 times higher than Odoi's

  • @Deano4dawin Welcome to the land of FI speculation but keep an eye on PB both overall and current

  • Sancho has returned £2.80 in the last 12 months. Hudson-Odoi has returned 8p.

    For his age, Sancho's output on the pitch is pretty astonishing. He has been badly out of form this season but is still racking up the assists -his stats last season were crazy. For his age his PB game is extremeley impressive and he has history of extreme media attention which could likely return.

    Comparing the two at the moment is a bit silly. One is essentially a proven player both in real life and on the index even at such a young age. The price gap looks about right as things stand.

    If Hudson-Odoi is as good as you think then I wouldn't worry about his price -if he does it on the pitch - his price will get up there.

  • No reason, he’s more exotic I guess

  • What sort of ceiling we thinking for CHO after his recent revival??

  • @G27 said in Why Sancho over Hudson odoi?:

    What sort of ceiling we thinking for CHO after his recent revival??

    He looks like he could be a first team puck and his new position as right wing back will see better PB scores as his an attacker. His price has almost doubled over a few weeks. I'd say he could easy hit £3, but on FI who knows! I don't hold CHO btw

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