Go back to basics

  • Who else agrees if FI went back to the same strategy of 8 months ago things would fly up. It wasnt a broken product why try and change it. Now it's made complicated too many changes. Simple sells.
    If they changed it back to original format I would say alot more money would be invested and more new comers.

  • @NewUser345859 original as in what? With instant sell available?

  • @Stevo

    Yes buy and sell
    No bidding. Basic
    No false economy etc

  • @NewUser345859

    Although I'm sure many would agree and would love this to happen its been discussed a fair amount on here in recent times.

    Unfortunately, to make the index a sustainable business I think its impossible for the owners to leave themselves so open with regards to just allowing punters to just cash out back to them, so had to put the liability over to us to cover dividends whilst making money etc.

    Secondly I think it was always their intention to introduce order books but this was brought forward when they were poorly prepared but had no option due to the impact of covid.

    I'm not sure if you've noticed as well, and I don't want to get too carried away but we do seem to have had somewhat of a revival (to a point) over the last 48 hours due to FI starting to implement changes to address some of the issues previously raised but it remains to be seen if this will continue but here's hoping. It has been argued that this is due to the current rebate offer although seems a bit too much of an increase based on 1% or 2% return.

    Long story short, in response to your initial statement, its not going to happen so like it or lump it, do your best with what we've got and enjoy 👍

  • @Stevo I don't see where this revival theory is coming from, it's surely mainly de-listing that have whacked prices up a bit, no more actual cash transactions than normal if you look at the figures, they are pushing advertising alot more so hopefully that brings new customers, whilst the match day extra is a good start I still think mb could do with a tweak to make it all on countries payout and something to start pushing the bottom end more

  • @MUFC I mean, matched trades went up to £1.7m yesterday, until a week ago it was around £300k per day.

  • @NewUser469373 Tuesday was 1.7m but yesterday was £700k, hopefully it continues 🤞 they will be hoping for that everyday, there is the market for it when you look at bookies etc

  • @MUFC I mean its not my theory necessarily, its just the general positive feeling last few days of a 'revival' of confidence in the product if anything.
    If it is people delisting to that extent then even that surely is large positive sign. Maybe I've jsut still got my rose tinted specs on but I feel a lot better about it all than I have for quite some time!

  • @MUFC active trader figures have not dipped too far, from around 5k to 4.5k. Sensible that some investors might want to get in early before dividend changes?

  • @NewUser469373 Before the removal of IPDs it was healthier though. Seems like a general downward trajectory of late, which is worrying. There was a thread on here, I think it was from Ericali, which recorded them but I can't see it now. Would be really good to see the changes during the past couple of months.

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