• Been using the platform casually for 2 or 3 months now and starting to get to grips with it.
    I understand more indepth player analysis is available via a regular computer but I only use the mobile app. But, I have a question why is Sancho so expensive? I watch Dortmund regularly and he's been shocking for a while. I suppose I'll attempt to answer my own question but want confirmation.

    I assume its because his potential to yield a decent return as he will always play for a big club. I can see him getting found out soon unless he bucks his ideas up.

  • He has posted some excellent PB scores but a lot of the reason he is expensive is transfer speculation...he has won a lot of media dividends. Whether that transfer hype continues is the unknown....he is capable of posting good PB's but Dortmund aren't exactly setting the Bundesliga on fire this year.

  • Added to that he is young and the way the index is set up now there is greater incentive to invest in youth. Added to that he will be the toast of the red tops come transfer speculation season

  • Personally I've never bought into Sancho and nor would I, he has posted some excellent pb scores but is going through a dip in form at present. I personally think his high price is based around a move to United. If he gets that move at some point he'll win mb for fun and will probably pick up a good share of pb aswell, he is also young and English which helps alot.
    For me he's a bit of a high price gamble , move to United and your quids in move elsewhere and his price will decrease. And just for comparison look at timo werner, when at Leipzig with plenty of excellent PB performances and massive speculation on his next move his price rocketed , however a move to Chelsea instead of the rumoured liverpool move saw his price decrease. Same will happen to sancho imho

  • @SYG76 that is fair speculation and good point too on Werner. I have not bought into Sancho but I do think I'm missing out. Especially with the Euro's coming along. I think right up till the point he makes his move he is a worthwhile investment. At the moment there is no need to be nervous, even with Sancho and Dortmund playing under par, there is less expectation than there will be at United.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I decided early to stay away from Sancho as I just don't feel it with him. Purely on a footballing basis which might be initially the wrong way to look at it.
    The mistake I made with my first chunk of money was investing in very young unproven players who barely play. I'd read the lines attached to FI like use your football knowledge to invest in future talent or something like that but have since rescued tge situation buying the likes of Pogba, Foden etc around Christmas eve when at there lowest.
    Mainly here for the enjoyment and adding an interest to my Saturday and Sunday afternoons but obviously no one likes losing money!

  • @NewUser469373

    Does Sancho get into the England team though? Kane, Sterling and Rashford all ahead of him I would say. Saka also challenging and then there is Foden and Grealish and even Greenwood if he gets back to last seasons form.

    I haven't seen enough of Sancho to say whether he is better than these or not, but he has never impressed that much playing for England and his form has dropped since from what I hear.

    There is definitely media potential but how he is so much more than Foden is beyond me.

  • Hudson odoi over sancho, not because his a better player on the pitch or on the index but for value for money you can buy 4 CHO for 1 Sancho share

  • @Deano4dawin is Hudson Odoi as likely to get as much game time as Sancho? Chelsea are a bit all over the shop at the moment and Im not sure he is always going to be first choice.

  • @NewUser469373 with the new manager in, and CHO playing last night and looking sharp (winning fwd MD) I think so yes. Sancho has been out of form lately. I think Sancho is over priced and CHO under priced right now

  • @Deano4dawin I've not bought in on either. I'd actually be more likely to buy CHO at the moment although I've missed the boat on this jump.

    That said, and this may just be preference, but I think when CHO plays well the team is playing well. When Sancho plays well he has the ability to bring the team with him. I think CHO is a great player and will improve but I just don't think he has the gravitas that I have seen from Sancho.

  • @NewUser469373 I agree, but Sancho is 4x the price as CHO. much more value is CHO right now even with his price jump. I dont hold either.

  • I went Foden @ £2.48 and CHO @ 91p and despite the recent hike in Sancho's price I'm happy I did so. As mentioned there's such a fine line at the minute with Sancho and his career could go either way. For £7.40 odd at the minute I'm not in any rush to change my mind.

    Does anyone have an opinion on Jude Bellingham? From a purely football perspective I'm massively excited to see such a young player with the physical ability and confidence he has. Yes, he's been a little inconsistent the past few games but than more senior players have been arguably even worse.
    From a FI point of view at £1.50 he's gotta be a good buy? Should make the World Cup squad 2022 and a possible transfer there after?

  • @NewUser681943 not sure their game is PB suited at the moment, given he is very young there is certainly room for development, a lot of worse bets out there.

  • He’s not even that good! 7 quid a share fuck that! He won’t get the hype he got last summer and at that price you have to put at least 10k into him to get some good divs back.

    Too high risk and there’s a lot better value out there I could name a long list. Hudson odoi should get in the England team over him

  • @Decafruby6 I won't be surprised if CHO does, but compared to Sancho he is a bit meat and two veg. If England start to get nervy because they are protecting a 1-0 lead or struggling to break down a defence I cannot see CHO being an inspiration. Sancho on the other hand can unpick a midfield and defence on his day.

    Historically, England teams have a knack of strangling creative players and it shows in our tournament performances. Not a creative player but I once say an England game where Hendo did not make a single pass forward.

  • @Decafruby6 agreed. Trying to be polite by suggesting that he's average. Barely that.
    100m plus. No chance.
    I'm slightly disappointed in myself for buying so few Foden shares. As mentioned he's in a different day to Sancho.

  • @NewUser681943 foden is better value, I was going to say at half the price but I’ve just looked at fodens price and he’s rocketed!!

    Missed the bus there 🙈

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