Sergei Milinkovic-Savic

  • I don't own but have been taking a look due to recent PB. Thoughts on him and his price? No enormous scores but consistently doing well lately. Hasn't won PB in last 12 months. Is he destined to be consistently on the periphery or do people see PB wins in the future?

  • Good player, could pick up a few of the new Ip PB weekly payouts and then if he's lucky enough to win a PB you would have a bargain.

  • I own him and completely agree with @NorfolkCanary. In his day is a potential PB winner. And maybe in the mid term he could move to Premier League or to a top club

  • I've held him for around four years (in a couple of batches) lost me money each time, awful investment for me from one that has always promised so much more!!!

    Actually playing well this season after an indifferent season last, if he 'attracts' Premier League attention his price should rise, by then I would look to immediately sell!

  • I won around 150. He hasn't won PB yet but he posts good scores and I definitely expect him to win PB once or twice before the end of the season.

    His game suits the matrix, he plays for an attacking team, he has been linked to prem clubs in the past and usually plays 90minutes.

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