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  • DJ 110 made an interesting observation on another thread that I thought was worth its own topic. The last couple of days have seen increases in big cheese players. Prices at the top end have had a minor dip but seem more or less stable (for now at least).

    Today seems to be the turn of those players who were floating around the £1 mark last week.

    Thinking (vaguely) logically, it could be the turn of those sub £1 players for a grand leap soon. Any thoughts on this possibility?

  • @NewUser469373 close but it’s already happening for most just seen Reiner rise 130 ish % in minutes , I don’t think it’s so much people buying up all these share but people removing their offers , spreads on some players are nearing 80p

  • The money always trickles down...


  • @NewUser469373 probably goal keepers turn shortly after IPDs end

  • @Ericali said in Buying trends:

    The money always trickles down...


    There's a few om here that would take one of the glasses from the bottom rung though

  • Looks like the big boys are having another burst

  • There is a number of annual trends on FI so don't buy into the nonsense that Dividend players are the only game in town. Nothing will stop the below player prices increasing when value shows itself.

    Premier Dividend Players - Current Trend
    Premier Players
    Potential Players
    Youth Players
    Goal Keepers
    Transfer Links
    Injured Players
    Low-end players

    There is value everywhere at all times in a market

  • @Karl I think you're almost spot on. The only caveat being that there isn't always value in every area of the market.

    For example, right now, there is no value in players in non-PB leagues. But, with European knock-out stages scheduled soon and a summer transfer and European Championships on the horizon, some of those players will be valuable in the short or mid term future.

    It depends how patient you are, now is a fantastic time to get onto "irrelevant players" before they become relevant at a much cheaper price.

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