First time back here in a few months...

  • Last year I invested in a few players, made a small profit, then invested more heavily in one player (Zirkzee) as he was just starting to get a few first team starts. When Covid happened, I've had lots of other stuff to deal with. I heard about a crash in the market or something, and the fact that the value of my shares had plummeted in the space of less than a week completely put me off. A lot of advice at the time was to buy shares for the long-term investment. Now my shares appear to be worth next to nothing. What has happened in the last few months? Also, what does the new 'benchmark' mean on the portfolio? I can't find info on it anywhere, and it appears to indicate that my shares are worth nearly three times the sell value?


  • Profile>Account details>portfolio settings

  • Ah ok, found it; that's a depressingly large drop in value.

    Thanks for your help

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