Trust Pilot reviews.

  • Obviously had a lot of shite going on the last few months, but this spike feels a little different. Starting to show real signs that they're getting their act together. Notifications coming through regular which will keep people interested, and also responding to Trust Pilot reviews, negative and positive, which is a good sign that there is some positivity within the company too.
    Early doors yet, but with the ad campaign ongoing, this could be the start of something decent.

  • Fingers crossed there are no more significant changes to the Index in 2021 and they just let the market do its thing. If so, I’m confident we’ll all have seen some impressive growth by Christmas. The Top 100 have been rising nicely and that will filter down to the mid priced and cheap players as they start to appear as good value.

    Things are looking up. I just hope there are no more harmful own goals for a long while.

  • @Bamford-s-Armpit
    it may kick on as new users now will see price rises and many will think its great, timing is everything. but they have left behind a lot of roadkill to get to here. they need new users to replace all those who have taken a pounding and left and these will put off others they know.

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