Miranchuk 63p & Kovalenko 47p

  • What are the prospects for these 2 guys after moving to Atalanta - both seen as decent talents (particularly Miranchuk) - now with a team who look like becoming a regular and dangerous fixture in europe - both also with Euros to come later this year.

    the struggle is to nail a spot in the starting 11 - with the strength Atalanta have - but early signs of Miranchuk when he plays are really positive and both are arguably potentially fairly well suited to PB.

    i hold both currently - wondering whether they are a decent long term hold or are already not far from ceiling.

  • Malinovsky took a while to settle in but is now a regular. The departure of Papu Gomez increases the chances of involvement going forward. Miranchuk has done alright when he's been involved. Decent player.

    Has Kovalenko signed a pre contract or something?

  • Forgot I had Miranchuk in my sell queue 🤦‍♂️What’s
    With the rise?
    Anything to suggest kovalenko can achieve the same?

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