This could move forward big this year

  • The stock market, nasdaq tech sector is in a bubble, things happend last year that have never happend before.

    Bitcoin could well pop again.

    Plenty of profits in there now and no doubt there are some whales that have profited very nicely off it.

    This index attracted us too it, when to be frank it was quite low tech, the tech now implemented into this (yes it’s caused carnage but all change does!) will make it look proper, and very attractive to these investor / trader types.

    Not to mention it’s tax free, which at the level whales are at they’re paying 50% to the tax man.

    I’m excited, yes more dips will come as people will panic and it will snowball after the damage the past 5 months have done , but this is life as a trader, if your not willing to sit on the sidelines and take a rough few months or even a year your not cut out for it end of abs you will never make money whatever you do.

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