Seriously get a grip!

  • Some people here just moan moan moan.

    If you don’t like it sell up and get out of here , I’m down big but it’s what I signed up for! It’s trading!

    Seriously people were HAPPILY paying high prices for low dividends, now prices are halved and dividends are doubled !!!!

    Stick in it, be positive and get this thing running again.

    2mil traded today 6500 active users, let’s push this to 3 mil per day and 10,000 a day by spring

    What’s up with you lot!!!

  • @NewUser462188 I like the fire in your belly 🔥 😉 tbh, ppl have a lot to be annoyed about over the last 6 months. FI were rushed into introducing half baked order books, and as a result ppl who sold up lost money, and the rest of us are having to rebuild. So, to say ppl shouldn’t be peeved isn’t correct.
    But ppl also like to moan....a lot. Part of human nature I guess. It’s pretty well known “overly emotional football fans make shit traders” 😏

  • @Valhalla mate I totally agree with everything, I’ve got 17.5k in here it’s down to 8k now, only joined Oct 19 and put aload of money in last summer before crash .

    I’ve had plenty of dark moments thinking I’ve been had over but I can see through the fog now and this platform is 10x better than it was when I joined. It’s now nearly a proper trading platform .

  • @NewUser462188
    people cant just sell up and leave. if you have thousands of shares in a player who has been crushed in value and or has few or no bids then you are stuck. a lot of the moaners are people stuck in such scenarios so need to vent and have every right to as they placed bets under different rules.
    going forward yes constant moaning is pointless but in the last six months all people have seen is decimation in portfolio values and if you have never been part of the rises and growth its not easy to swallow.

  • @NewUser628679 mate I bought 1000 van de beek for 3.50 a week before the crash, I feel their pain but we will not put confidence back out there continuously attacking F.I

    It was a bubble, it burst, we go again more knowledgeable, keep it ticking over like it is now and the money from top will soon filter down after 1 or 2 good performances and rumours, 3 year bet, tax free winnings, chilllllll

  • @NewUser462188
    fair enough you love the product and want positivity going forward. but i deal in reality with all my betting and trading and tell it like it is. and the moaners as you call them have made very good points that are hard to refute. consider some may have overstretched and or lost serious amounts so have some sympathy and empathy. the positive posters also make good points as the concept is great.

  • @NewUser628679 said in Seriously get a grip!:

    moaners as you call them have made very good points that are hard to refute.

    Agree with both points and can see both sides, certainly with regards to sympathy...however what I would say is what we are calling ‘moaners’ have been saying the same thing over and over again for the past 6 months - at some point sentiment either needs to give up completely or become more positive. Can’t be healthy to have a permanent negative mindset - we’ve all been burned, I certainly overstretched myself, but nothing is gained by telling everyone how sh*t it is...In fact it has completely the opposite effect

  • Ha I dont know about love, but I enjoy it when it’s going good like everyone so yea love/hate relationship, this is part of the game tho. End of the day I want profit out of this!

    They’re not going to bacs it too us, we need to trade, keep it positive and help build the business back.

    Believe me this could fly this year before we know it the match day penny divs will be 2p and all this compounding really does work magic.

  • @G27
    agree but the reason many are moaning is the fact they have hundreds or thousands of shares in players that they cant shift. stuck possibly for months on end. so they cant get a lot of the money out. some will want to leave and forget about it but cant so have it shoved in their face each time they log in. what do they do? moan to the missus? sure that would get a sympathetic ear!
    some need to vent and some would say have every right to as a big reason they may thousands stuck in a player is through ff changing the goalposts. some of the moaning goes too far but people cant just sell up so frustration and resentment can grow which leads to trust pilot rants etc. something fi have to consider moving forward, they have killed a lot of the market and users have been left to pick up the bill.

  • @NewUser628679 Heard it all 1000 times , goal posts moved etc etc . Get over it and move on

  • @NewUser628679 well them people should just leave their money in a savings account gaining 1% interest per year.

    Get on YouTube , watch some Warren Buffett, Tony robbins esp is a modern day war horse when it comes to investing.

    These guys state clearly if your not ready to sit on the sidelines whilst your stock is down for a period of time just don’t get into it as you’ll end up loosing simple!

    It’s hard but nothing in life comes easily unfortunately we can’t “buy money” forever, it’s cyclical .

  • @Bugsbunnies
    im just about over it actually but you aren't getting the point. many users are hacked off at fi for incompetence and paper losses. they want out but cant sell. whether you blame users, fi or both the fact is in this market there is a ton of money trapped and guess what its users money. they sell they leave so less moaners. fi have facilitated this situation with no easy get out which fuels negativity from users who feel trapped. its really not hard to understand.

  • @NewUser462188
    its not just about losing money. i use the betting exchanges a lot so trust me i can take losses and hits. i joined just before order books took the hit even though i didnt like the constant changes and terrible communication from management. ploughed on and restructured based on the ipd dynamic at the time. i admit i was liking the product in profit and then bang the roof caves in again. if i get pissed on its got be outside in the wind whilst drunk by my own doing not by management baffoons.

  • @NewUser628679 i understand your point , and who said i don't understand ?? its just a broken record at this stage its been said a 1000 times, its shit i know , but it gets boring seeing people say the same thing everyday. I lost alot of money also

  • @Bugsbunnies
    i get that and normally im not a continuous moaner. ive lost decent amounts on misclicks, drunk trading errors etc and just laughed off my own stupidity. its just when i feel conned then i rant. only this time instead of being able to leave and put it down to experience its feeling conned and then trapped with thousands of shares as a reminder.

  • @NewUser628679

    this is totally correct - i think a very high percentage of us have funds in players we cant shift - myself included. but FI were/are going through a period where that wasnt their priority, only now we are starting to see an upturn, so lets all hope they can now add this issue to their agenda - they were never going to fix this problem whilst we were in freefall - once the recovery is well on its way (fingers crossed) then we can truly judge - but theres people on here that arent even giving them a chance - ive been pretty pleased with FI shift in mentality so far, even if it seems to be just a small one so far. Gotta to give them a chance now things seem to be a bit more back on track, there are many aspects which need addressing

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