• Do they need to up the dividends for more people to invest in goalkeepers,Can anyone see value in them? Will they come good with European Championships upcoming and Champions League,what are your thoughts?

  • @NewUser177482 keeper holds quite boring at the moment, as the dividends are modest, but they will appeal to some as it's a smaller pool of players and being that much cheaper, the yields can still be good. Arguably the safest area of the market at the moment.

    Some people have built keeper heavy ports, which I personally think is taking it too far, as you are far more exposed to any changes which negativity affect that area of the market. However, as part of building a balanced portfolio, I'd recommend everyone have some keepers as a steady base. I don't see the need to up their dividends just yet, as it hasn't been that long since they had the benefit of their own category. I'm sure they'll have a rise at some point, but can only be done alongside an uplift of all dividends, otherwise it will switch the emphasis back to keepers too much and damage other areas of the market.

  • I think gk’s are decent value, but then there is a lot of value around in other positions with the crash. Match day extra is good for keepers but I was suprised they didn’t get much of a bounce.
    Donnarumma has been a very good hold for me, but plays in a team that is doing well but oppositions have a chance so gets action - and I guess that’s the sweet spot - go for a top keeper at a top team and they may not get much action, go too far the other way and no clean sheets.... I hold donnarumma, ederson, gollini and a long term punt on la font

  • The issue is they taken away 2p clean sheets for JUST 2 players getting 1p. Thats the biggest reduction on the index. Even IPD strikers have got 6 positions getting played out on top of the higher dividends they already receive on match days

    GK have been royally shafted by the changed!

  • The main thing I don't like with GK divs is that it is the only position where a PB win (Bronze Day) is not rewarded with a greater amount of divs than an MDE win.

    MDE is specifically designed to reward players with a small divs win for a high 'also-ran' weekly PB score that DID NOT get a PB win. So why are they the same value?

    With the other 3 positions a Bronze Day positional win is worth 3p more than an MDE win.

    GK's have been left behind a bit with PB numbers. I get the divs pots being lower due to the pool of potential winners being small but it's too extreme atm. Imo they should be 6p (Gold), 4p (Silver)m 2p (Bronze), 1p (MDE). The top GKs are still good value, but if they make those changes that value will increase.

  • @CptMorgan I think that’s a good point, I’m hoping that MDE will increase to 2p (for first 3 in each category and runner up keeper) and they wanted to see the sentiment and get feedback and release it in two phases to sustain the market growth - well that’s want I’m hoping anyway ...... they have massively saved on IPD’s so I don’t think MDE has finished yet in terms of a promotion / or maybe I’m giving them to much credit. But generally a keeper should have higher divs on a bronze day

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