Which players still have upside

  • Now that so many players have seen significant price rises, I have been looking for players who for whatever reason may have a decent rise in them before next season and came up with the following:

    Sterling - Just needs 1 decent PB and then with Champions league and Euros might easily double.
    Dybala - Summer transfer to a club who make him focal point
    VVD - Will continue to increase in price until his return
    Pulgar - Fallen out of favour and could move in the summer - on 2019/2020 form there are PB wins in him
    Cyprien - May move back to France as Italy move has not worked for him
    Savanier - Can be picked up for 80p which is very cheap based upon last year and early this season form

    Don't own all of these but starting to add the ones I don't and increase stakes in the ones I do with the dividends I win.

    Who do we all think has good future value?

    Great to be talking about football and potential winners rather than moaning about the platform :)

  • I think the players you have listed all have potential growth in them but to be fair I think all players have potential growth in them still, I suspect Sancho and Bruno will be close to £10 a share by the start of March.

    Sterling is the one for me though, really cheap. Performances have dipped slightly but city will go on to win the league, Sterling is still Peps number 1, champs league games coming up, Euros coming up, he is capable of winning star man, I expect his price to slowly keep rising until one game where puts out a mega score and then his proce will explode.

  • I'm looking at players at the lower end of the market who have been out and are on their week either recently or soon.

    Guirassy-was scoring goals before injury and took free kicks. Hopefully his confidence will grow

    Rashica-dynamite on the ball. May even be back

    Cornet-probably best current PB opportunity out of the three.

    I hold all three

    These are all potentials PB winners rather than proven. With the trend moving back towards youth (slowly) and long term thinking, these could be fairly inexpensive players to hold

  • Cucerella maybe

  • @NewUser332703 haha, why only maybe?

  • Thauvin is the one I'm spending my divs on atm. Proven PB player, and seems set for Milan in the summer, who seem a good PB-friendly team if he can nail a starting spot.

  • Zirkzee, just moved to Parma: with more playtime and this youth "trend" could be a good opportunity for around 70p

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