Alexander Isak

  • How is this guy only 73p? Regularly scoring in Spain, euros with Sweden and still only 21!

  • @Longmanlee buy him then mate

  • @AndydfopT said in Alexander Isak:

    @Longmanlee buy him then mate
    Yeah have done. I actually sold up 4K in top end players a few weeks ago but couldn’t stay away so have got £500 worth.

  • @Longmanlee try and see the long term value. I take it you sold on the downturn?

  • @Longmanlee I agree hes a very good player at that price.Cant beat young strikers especially if they score a few.Ive sold Ollie Watkins as he doesnt score enough at the mo

  • @Shaun442 he has just started to find the net. Two in three? I think 9 maybe 10 for the season

  • @AndydfopT yes i know i just dont think hes for me id rather wait sit on my portfolio of red prices ,see if they grow a bit ,cash them in ,then go for the bigger names

  • @Longmanlee Agree, definitely one to watch.

  • Was one to watch a couple of years back but it just hasn't happened has it🤨🤔

  • 2 more goals today! Plenty of room for CA at his current price

  • Not meaning to piss on anyones bonfire but he's never going to win PB unless he scores a hat trick minimum. I hold 300 from ages ago. Would love to be proven wrong but wouldn't buy anymore right now. Better options at that price if you ask me.

  • @Stevo like who?

  • @NewUser332703 so right now isak is available at buy now price of 71p. I've worked my way down from 71p and in first couple of 100 or so players I saw there's Orsolini, Mukiele, Bourigaud, Plea, Lenglet, Rashica, halstenberg, Grifo, Hinteregger, Amine Harit, Oscar Rodriguez all cheaper and far more likely to win dividends in my opinion. I guess it depends what you are looking for but they are all good options at the cheap end.

    Isak may get a transfer to a bigger club one day, he may be a 20 goal a season striker one day. My advice is forget who you think is good in real life or may be a great player one day, it really doesn't matter that much on here. Its about who can win dividends and being brutally honest Isak won't win you any.

  • @Stevo Have to agree with you, it’s not about finding good footballers it seems to be about who gets talked about the most now.

  • @Stevo I have Oscar, he doesn’t even play. Isak might never win pb but haaland will never either or mbappe and look at there prices, rashford also he’s terrible at it. Oyarzabal only scored 20 or 30 points more, kostic the “pb beast” with 2 assists and a goal only scored about 219 or something

  • @NewUser332703 thats fair enough mate. I agree, I dont own haaland or Mbappe for that exact reason. I'm not telling anyone not to buy Isak, I'm just saying I wouldnt buy him for the reasons stated. I've been here 4 years and have made every mistake in the book.

    I have to disagree on Kostic. Hes exactly the sort of player I do buy, out of form, not won any PB for a while but 100% capable of winning it. Buy low when players are performing poorly, sell high when they have a good performance or hit form. The complete opposite of IPD's.

    As for Oscar, he isn't playing right now but for less than 40p on bid he only needs to get playing and hes totally capable of winning PB in a decent Sevilla side.

  • @Stevo sorry mate don’t mean to come across as rude, these days online you have to be ready to be defensive 😂 your right but I’m thinking he’s a good talented player nonetheless in the real world. I have kostic too, just surprised he didn’t score more with what he done yesterday, I don’t have any know of the matrix though.

  • @NewUser332703 not at all, some people on here want an argument at every opportunity but I just want to talk about the index and hopefully help people understand how it works and make some money.

    I'm not so big headed i'll tell people who to buy but id always encourage to buy with PB capabilities in mind.

    I dont necessarily know how the matrix works but I have the benefit of having seen the players that have won before and tend to so well.

    My first port of call would be just look on sofascore and check out the players with the best stats for passes completed, key passes, shots per 90, dribbles etc as they all score well on opta as far as I know.

  • His all round game is improving, 188 last game with no gwg and 2 goals.
    Imo he’s the best value under 21 striker on the index.
    With exposure at the euro’s for sweden he will be on more traders radar.
    If you want a youth that will rise then he is right up there, he’ll get links to the top clubs also.
    I was topping up at 40p which was a ridiculous price.
    City/liverpool/united/dortmund will all need a 9 soon, rumours galore.
    ( dortmund actually have a buy back cheap price option).
    If he continues his trajectory he’ll be in the mix.

  • Another goal today. This guy is only going up so get in at this ridiculously low price while you still can.

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