Market depth

  • Three weeks ago I bought shares in Fabian Orrelana. Last night I checked the depth and saw 150 shares at 15p and a huge gap to the next shares at 35p. I didn't buy these as they were 30% higher than my buying price. Today there has been 1195 shares added at 12,13 and 14p. Looking down the market depth the actual depth looks to start at 37p. An increase of 150%. Instead it looks like a market war has occurred and effectively squashed the market in this player. Or have I got this wrong?

  • Looks like his ATH is around 36p.

    A 34 year old with 0p dividend yield in the previous 12 months has no right to justify that price. Loads of bottom end players were bumped to silly prices as a result of the 5x ipd promo.

    Nobody has 'squashed' the market for him because there simply isnt a market anywhere near that price.
    More likely someone has just listed him at a level someone might actually buy at.

    12-13p is his new 'corrected' price now and this is a pattern that many other similar players will follow unless they randomly win some divs.

  • @FI_Revolutionary
    I see what you are saying but if his ath was 36p a lot of people at 37p plus are struggling. There was and still is a 20p gap from 15p so removing that could have been beneficial to some.
    A 150% increase would have put him on the trending list and that might have helped shift some dead shares.

  • That massive wall of shares starting at 37p is just FI offering to mint new shares in the player, in reality there are only a few shares listed around that price by traders.

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