Curtis Jones

  • I hold a meagre amount of Joneses on my port and am kicking mys of for not beating rush. I wonder the forum thinks about him as a prospect for the Euro's? Probably a few ahead but he continues to impress.

  • He came on at the weekend and the commentator said he's nineteen... i've just had to check I heard that right and turns out he was 20 on the 30th Jan.. so happy birthday to him, already feels like he's been around for a while, and when he plays, he doesn't look out of place in a top side, which tells you how good he is right now.

    Not sure what you picked him up at... Highs of 3.50 Lows of 1.17 will determine whether he's a good investment but i feel he is a player who is capable of holding his own in the Liverpool team, is certainly a player that can get recognition... so the only concern is if playing well, whether or not FI will see enough continued growth to have a positive impact on his value.

    He's not a player who I would personally invest in... Expensive compared to other PB holds (even those within his team)... he lacks MB potential due largely to him already being at a big club so no 'better' move predicted... But could win dividends based on being a goalscoring midfielder and of course, predicted to get that England cap!

    The good thing is you can hold on for three years and see what happens... with decent young players... there's no point flipping on quick profit, unless you're not totally convinced of their talent!

  • Fantastic long term hold

  • When he’s given a free role to roam , which he often does, he’s very productive, 200pts plus without a goal a couple of times.

    He’s got that cockyness & arrogance needed to make it too.

    Steven gerrard said years ago if one lads going to make it out the academy it’s him 👍

  • Solid player but nothing special

  • @NewUser332703 that's what they said about Stevie G at his age.

  • @NewUser469373

    & Brewster ..

  • @Happy-Hornet chief difference being like Stevie G, Curtis Jones is regularly playing for Liverpool. When Brewster was regularly playing... It was for Swansea

  • Hi vision and ball mastery is amazing, few years could turn into a proper midfielder maestro.

    Not so much a stevie g type as he’s not so physical, with tackling etc, although he does burst into the box, but working with tiago now will do him the world of good as that’s more his style

  • A very suitable PB player. Numbers are fantastic. Equals Foden and Sancho, but still a year behind in development. Ppl are sleeping on this one. 😉

  • I hold 1000 shares. Think he's a v good prospect and already showing it.

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