So sorry for the noob question 😕

  • I had a buy bid accepted and in my transaction history it says commission paid and then commission refund - is that just how the rebate is paid - 2% commission and then 2% rebate cancelling it out?

    I did read through the update but could find confirmation that this is how the rebate shows in you transaction history. I just want to make sure when calculating my profit for the spreadsheet.

    Thought the forum is the quickest place for the answer, feel free to tell me to bugger off and find it myself.

  • @NewUser187306

    Was it an instantly matched bid?

    Rebates are paid Monday’s on current promo not immediately.

    So I think, unless reading this wrong, it could have been an instantly matched bid where commission isn’t applied. But I may well be wrong.

  • @karlos Thanks 🙂 they were instantly accepted yes. I didn’t see anything in the buying section about this not charging commission, just the ‘Buy Now’ option. That explains it.

  • @NewUser187306 I think you are referring to cancelled bids.

    If you bid £10, FI will deduct £10.20 from your cash balance to cover commission. If you cancel your bid, the commission is refunded.

    The rebate shows up as MARKETING BONUS on your Transaction Summary.

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