Werner & Havertz

  • Been topping up on Werner and Havertz on the basis I think they are cheap but...

    a) Must get back to form and therefore go up in price (Werners has to fire in some goals soon surely)
    b) Leave Chelsea and show they are world class again (aka KDB).


  • only got small holds of both but i see them as low risk at current prices. on the basis they either pick up form at chelsea and their price rises, or they move away and their price would probably rise. Cant see them moving to a non PB league or anything.

  • Two super players who just need time to adapt to a new country and league.

    I have about £1200.00 currently tied up between these two alone and as far as I am concerned it is money in the bank.

    I am happy to keep buying until they hit their previous all-time highs at which point I will de-risk slightly in line with my investment stratagy

  • @Karl what’s your average price on them both?

  • Werner will be good, havertz reminds me of Ozil lifeless and no fight

  • Havertz looks like a lost little boy

  • i would be more worried about havertz than werner in the short term. werner has an ageing giroud and abraham as competition. havertz has pulisic, mount, hudson odoi and ziyech. werner has shown more also. the problem with haverz moving is cant see anybody paying anywhere near 80m that chelsea forked out. that just leaves a loan deal which chelsea may be reluctant to agree to given the huge outlay on the player.

  • Sick that CHO sneaked by Timo for PB this evening despite both having really low scores 😢

  • Looks like Timo still won (hold both and was paid out on Timo).

    The scores were low, but CHO was playing almost CAM and only for 60 minutes at that. With that being said he still looked the sharpest out of the Chelsea frontline and he was on for a decent base score, despite not being able to run at people as much.

    Timo wanted to take the penalty he won by the looks of the discussion with Tuchel which would have given him an extra 70-80 points and a much needed confidence boost. There was also plenty of opportunities where he could have been played in or taken it first time. Not to worry though as I think he will come good v.soon - potentially vs SHU on Sunday.

  • On another note, I'm surprised winning a penalty doesn't award any points.

  • @NATH8919 I think winning a penalty should be treated as an assist (+20) if it is converted.

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