Poll-Summer dividend review

  • A qood question, and thinking about this, I feel there is an option missing from your list above. Which would be to keep current payment levels but with a little restructure alongside them.

    What's desperately needed is to broaden the market again. The current setup has succeeded in stabilising the market recently and the removal of IPDs is justified given how they were abused, and credit to FI for making the changes. However, there will come a point (maybe there already has?) where the market becomes very narrow and only the players who suit the match day matrix grow in value. There's a logic to this of course, but the market has certainly shrunk with players who have no chance of Match Day Dividends unlikely to increase, where their previous value was determined by goals/ assists/ clean sheets.

    I would welcome a broader stats based dividend system.

    A long term ambition, and these will of course be phased in, but something like.

    Star Man
    Top positions (current system)
    Top Scorer (day/ week/ month)
    Most assists (day/ week/ month)
    Most clean sheets (month)

    Or possibly a simpler version of the above in the form of Threshold Match Day Dividends (200+ scores receive payouts or similar) but liability would be difficult to predict.

    A side note, but now all performance dividends are based on the matrix, a bigger question would be about any possible changes to this. They could have a huge impact, so my guess would be that it would stay the same. Not necessarily a bad thing, but can't help but feel the crossing weighting needs addressing (inaccurate crosses that is). They need to tread very carefully here though if they were to change it.

  • @Metropolis
    Totally agree with your suggestions about top scorer/assists rewards. As a football fan, i'd rather see my player touch the ball 10 time and grab 2 or 3 goals rather than pass it sideways 50 times in a match but unfortunately the matrix doesn't reward this style. It could encourage trading on a decent chunk of the market, not just the bottom end but also some big names proven goalscorers (Lukaku/Lewandowski etc) who score lots but don't necessarily suit the matrix and have seen price drops

  • @TraderDom99 I would agree Lukaku doesn't particularly suit the matrix but Lewandowski is a different beast and often posts some very good PB scores. I think people look at Lewandowski's age and shy away but as we have seen with Ronaldo(36), Messi(33) and Ibrahimovic(82 ;)) age is no barrier to winning dividends regularly. Ok I exaggerated Ibrahimovic(39) a little :D

  • @Metropolis
    good post and you are on the right lines with this. to me fi doesnt reward or get the balance right for decisive match actions - goals assists, clean sheets. ipds did this but theyve gone.
    they now need to find a replacement that is affordable but rewards decisive actions instead of just how many short passes kroos delivers or how many crosses taa or kimmich puts in.
    the market is too imbalanced with all the rewards funnelled into the big hitters with too many now rotting and virtually worthless.

  • @TraderDom99
    think fi has to have some appeal to the fantasy football type fan. imagine you have callum wilson or calvert lewin scoring 2 goals logging on to fantasy football and getting low scores. it wouldnt feel right. on fi many players can now score 2 in game 5 in 3 games and get nothing. counterintuitive when goals and goalscorers the essence of the game are left behind on a football stockmarket.

  • @NorfolkCanary At £1.75ish, Lewandowski was cheap enough to refresh for IPD. That also guaranteed regular match day spikes which made it easy to sell at a profit.

  • @Honeylight I agree but I would still expect him to pick up a few match day dividends as we go through the season.... maybe tonights bronze as there are 3 games. He has a good 12 month dividend yield of 38% although past performance is no guarantee.

  • @NewUser628679 Even something small like 5p for the top scorer/assist each week, run the same calendar as MDE would bring value to a lot of the market currently likely to go unrewarded. Obviously the risk the big hitters like Messi would still dominate though.
    I've seen lots of suggestions about an 'achievement' style of bonus, where every X amount of goals gets a payout

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