Neymar or Messi who loses?

  • A big if I know, but if Messi did go to Psg to play with Neymar again, who would it damage more when it comes to FI? I'm thinking maybe it would be more Neymar? Surely Messi wouldn't go there unless he was on pens/ free kicks etc and there main play maker? Which of course would course Neymar's pb score to dip?
    I hold both and wanted to gets some other views

  • @Noprobllama
    good question. my guess would be messi as i dont think neymar will move from pens. messi has missed a fair few in his time, whats more probably wouldnt want to rock the boat at a new club and demand pens anyway as he isnt as egotistical as neymar. freekicks probably taken by messi but they could share depending on side of box etc.

  • Quite difficult as I don't want to have 2 of my biggest holds in the same team and in the same position, so would probably sell one if it happened but don't know who!!

  • messi is 33 but will get a ton of media so maybe milk that side of it first then reassess. neymar is 28 a monster on the platform but gets injured far too much for my liking.

  • Yep every time he goes down and screams- which is often! I cringe!!!

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