Predictions for the summer

  • There are going to be lots of transfer rumours flying about in the coming months, many of them will be hot air, but I am going to predict that Harry Kane will not be at Spurs beyond the summer.

    If you had the power to predict player movements in the future who would it be and why.

    The why for Kane by the way is he will want to start winning things and I can't see it happening at Tottenham.

  • I’ve gambled on Kane, and aside from his MB/PB potential (in particular for long term holders with Euros and WC opportunities in mind), if Man United are linked again then it could be massive. I can definitely see their being speculation so I guess it also depends where Man United come in the league.

    My other gamble is Messi who I think will naturally be linked to everyone this summer but hopefully Man City (or as an Arsenal fan, the Emirates if he fancies🤞)

  • Kane is good value all round. I’ve put 10k in pogba should be fun 😆😆😆😆

  • I think Mo Salah is a bit peed off at Liverpool and will move to Spain or Italy,I dont think his heart is in playing for Liverpool but obviously im usually wrong.I also think if he moves it would be a disaster for him as hes a perfect fit for the way Liverpool play and if he moves he could turn out like Eden Hazard.But im not really Mystic Meg so its hot air.

  • @Decafruby6 😂😂 Fair play to you. What do you like about him.

    I am a united supporter and can't wait till he goes. I think he is lazy and if Roy Keane was beside him, he wouldn't be playing the way he does.

    Hope he does well for you and I will be keeping an eye on his price as I don't hold him, but might be swayed if I am missing something.

  • @Karl I did him in the crash in November got him at a average price of £2.44. Made £2800 in divs already he’s a beast.

    My exit plan is a couple of days after he gets his move (hopefully after the euros) then flog him.

    I’m confident I’ll get at least £3.70, when Riola did his rant got a weeks worth of mb’s and his price went up to that. Could’ve bailed then but I thought I’m guaranteed to make more money then he got 21p with that volley though of bailing after that but come the summer I’m confident I’ll have over half my investment back in divs.

    My choice was messi, Kane or pogba so I chose Pogba as he was less than half the price off messi. I’m glad I chose him now.

    If he does go below £2.50 my advise is go all in on him, he plays for the most talked about club with the papers and plays for France who will probably go all the way to the final and there’s the small chance of a mb shit storm when the rumours start again I’m the summer 😂😂

  • I totally agree on Kane. I think he'll move to one of the Manchester clubs this summer which on a purely football basis I don't want (I don't want either Manchester club getting stronger) but on a Football Index basis it'd be great. His price could double if he goes to Man Utd and perhaps up a couple of quid if he goes to Man City.

  • @Decafruby6 great buy! Well played sir!

  • @Decafruby6 is all your FI money in one player? 10k on Pogba?

  • @Valhalla yep 🙌🙌

  • The days will be longer and there will be less rain

  • @Decafruby6 said in Predictions for the summer:

    @Valhalla yep 🙌🙌

    Help 😅 certainly balls out betting putting all £10k on one player. Paying off at the moment perhaps. But you ok with the risk? If he gets a bad injury, goes off to USA, China, you could lose all your money.

  • That’s the beauty with pogba doesn’t matter if he gets an injury will still make me money not many players on the index who can do that.

    He’s only 27 and coming into the prime of his career so there’s a very thin chance of him going to USA/China more likely when he gets to messi’s age he’ll go to China/USA. That’s what put me off investing in messi coz in the next year or 2 he might go there and I’d of lost my money.

    I didn’t do Kane coz I thought he wouldn’t get me much divvs till the summer and up to now I’m proved right coz playing mourhino style football won’t get much pb’s just the euros he could make money. But I didn’t wanna wait till the summer more fun putting it on pogba

    So as far as I’m concerned I can’t see one negative in my investment

  • @Decafruby6 said in Predictions for the summer:

    So as far as I’m concerned I can’t see one negative in my investment

    Career ending injury = You lose all your money. I’d say that’s a pretty big negative (or concern). All your eggs are in one basket. 😉 chances of that are small. But they are there like every footballer.
    I wish you all the best with that bet. And Pog earns good MB divs, so it should pretty lucrative whilst he’s stays at United. But don’t claim you have a no risk bet with no negatives.

  • @Valhalla I would say you take on the potential of a career ending injury with every footballer on the 'dex. I don't hold pogba and would not buy him as he is not part of my strategy (which is not working... but I'm stubborn). If I did go all in on a single player you could do a lot worse than Pogba.

  • this thread brought bad luck! info about the injury? is it serious?

  • @FCIM1908 nah he walked off .. probably just a strain .. probably more media for your man lol

  • @Doddy Hope so. Just bought some at £2.30 on the drop.

  • @Valhalla told you he’d earn me money when he gets injured 😂😆😜

    Good all round isn’t he can’t do no wrong 😂😂😂

  • @Honeylight I’m torn weather to re invest my divs from this morning orctake it out 🤔

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