Rayan cherki

  • Just looking for an opinion on rayan cherki from someone who watches french league? See few people rave about him just like to know when is he going to make a breakthrough into starting regular for Lyon.

  • @NewUser620315 he’s still 17. Getting sub appearances at the moment. Looks the most talented player on the pitch quite often. Dribbling round ppl. But he loses the ball a lot too trying tricks. He has to mature. He would be getting European football if they’d qualified. Ppl over hyped him massively to £6.80. Which was ridiculous. He’s now probably too cheap. Next season will be his year most likely.

  • Looks a very skillful player, fantastic dribbler, draws a lot of fouls. Little bit lightweight but that's to be expected for a 17 year old. Difficult to predict how a player that age will turn out so they are a high risk high reward gamble.

    Looks like he is probably slightly under priced when compared with other similar options on the index like Wirtz, Muslala, Reyna or Moukoko. But if you want to play the youth game I think the best advice is to spread your money around a few of them rather than go all in on one.

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