Rabiot a shoe in for Arsenal?

  • Looks out of favour with PSG. Emery taking the arsenal job and the gunners being weak in midfield means Rabiot could be a great option for them.

    He's already shot up so it looks like I'm not the only one thinking he'll leave.

  • Draxler is the shout

  • Emery won't be the one picking who is brought and sold, he may have a say but it will down to Sven Mislintat and I expect they will focus on Defenders and Central Midfielders

  • start the rumours with everyone who Emery's previously worked with below....

    I was thinking N'Zonzi or Banega could be shouts? They need some steel and grit in midfield, Rabiot would at least give them a presence so not a bad shout... Also presume they'll be after a CB??? Exciting times for Arsenal as they might just sign what they actually need this summer? I already like the look of a Lacazette/PEA partnership up top so if they can fill in the voids they could be an outside threat for a bit of silverware?

  • Just came across this.

    It appears that Unai Emery is eager to get to work as soon as possible in his new office at ‚ÄčArsenal. The Spaniard was only confirmed as Arsene Wenger's successor on Wednesday morning, but a day later, he's been linked with a move for a former player of his - Adrien Rabiot.

    The 23-year-old midfielder hit the headlines yesterday because of his childish reaction to Didier Deschamps' decision to omit the PSG star from his France squad, but as he prepares for a relaxing summer, a trip to London may await Rabiot.

    I've also been told by a reliable source that Aaron Ramsey maybe off to Man Utd!!!

    I was very surprised to hear it myself as Ramsey doesn't strike me as a Mourinho type player

  • @PaulR said in Rabiot a shoe in for Arsenal?:

    I've also been told by a reliable source that Aaron Ramsey maybe off to Man Utd!!!

    I remember that time I was told by a reliable source that saddam had weapons of mass destruction ...

  • Ha ha :-) The woman I work with daughter is married to Aaron. So she's not a made up gossip. There's nothing concrete, and she wouldn't say much, but she insinuated there'd been contact

  • @PaulR

    My mate once told me he gave a golden shower to sharleen spiteri's (from the band texas) hairdresser.

    I'm taking both stories with a pinch of salt, but also appreciate the insider info if it turns out to be true!


  • @PaulR Aaron Ramsey's mother-in-law still has to work? Can't he give her a spare million so she doesn't have to lol? If it was my daughter going out with a rich dude like that and I wasn't "looked after" then I would encourage her to dump him.

  • She loves her job. She good at it. Don't think money is an issue for her.

    Apparently Aaron is really down to earth and humble which is nice to hear. Of course, you'd assume she's say that anyway, but she wouldn't!
    Always speaks her mind and she's hell of a character.

    Anyway, I still can't see that move happening. He's never a Mourinho player.

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