Gerard Deulofeu......WTF!!

  • So today we have Gaetan Laborde who is nicely lined up for a good shot at top forward with a score of 228 as he scores twice and has an assist (one of his goals was a game winner as well until the opposition scored twice, even though his team were still 3-2 ahead). But no he gets pipped by Gerard Deulofeu who scores one goal, a 91st minute second goal in a 2-0 win (1st was an OG) but his goal is classed as a game winner and gets 231 points.

    Sorry but that's just garbage, matrix is fooked.

  • @Mcalisp
    dont worry laborde holders may possibly get a 1p consolation for his great performance. thats what 2 goals and 1 assists gets for many the chance of getting 1p. its a joke and a piss take.

  • @NewUser628679 patience is a virtue

  • @kaka8
    it is but with fi you need the patience of a saint and even then you could still get rinsed!
    anybody holding laborde right now is thinking whats the point, may scrape a penny after that performance. in a few weeks he might even get a hat trick but dont worry the 1p would be almost guaranteed. haaland once scored 4 and won nothing its a terrible advert for a football stockmarket.

  • @NewUser628679 I remember the haaland game that was shit. I just don't understand how he gets awarded the game winning goal when it's already been scored, albeit via an own goal.

    Just wrong on so many levels.

  • Barrow’s beaten him now and Messi and the PSG boys play later, so probably not worth getting upset about. I understand what you’re saying on a wider level though, very few players have any chance of a PB return outside of one freakish performance.

  • This just highlights the importance of a high PB base, which means the likes of Messi etc will always have a chance of winning PB.

    If you’re buying a 30-40p player who needs 2-3 goals just to score 200+ Pb points, then that is probably the reason they’re that price! Still, the chance of winning 1p PBX say 35 weeks a year for 3 years still makes that 30-40p player a decent hold long term. But winning the 14p gold day PB dividend is going to be a real long shot.

  • @ocs123 said in Gerard Deulofeu......WTF!!:

    ce of a high PB base, which means the likes of

    Don't disagree, as I said I just don't understand why Deulofeu gets awarded 35 points for a game winning goal when it's already been scored.

    Fortunately I flipped 100 odd shares at 45p when it became clear Golovin was going to take top position, I then bought back in at 29p before 4pm so made 15p per share and then the 6p for goals and assists.

    Every cloud....

  • @ocs123
    thats true about pb base but fi has got to be exciting and worthwhile and if goalscorers barely earn anything then its a serious issue. immobile scored 36 goals last season in seria a and won 2p. fi management should be aware of this and do something about it but they are clueless.

  • @NewUser628679 said in Gerard Deulofeu......WTF!!:

    thats true about pb base but fi has got to be exciting and worthwhile and if goalscorers barely earn anything then its a serious issue. immobile scored 36 goals last season in seria a and won 2p. fi management should be aware of this and do something about it but they are clueless.

    Every post you do is a moan. Not our fault if you don’t take time to learn what players are relevant to FI and how the matrix works. Learn the game your playing. It’s like playing Poker and whinging your cards aren’t winning. The rules are there. If your not enjoying FI, you don’t have to be on here? 😏

  • @Valhalla
    have learnt the rules very well thankyou, shows the weakness and emptiness of your argument to suggest i am naive enough to have not understood whats going on. as you have made me have to justify myself i win at poker, sports betting and trading with vast experience in markets so i guess i am that clueless i dont understand the rules of those games with serious money on the line.
    no the problem is the management and a section of the user base that are so blinded by deluded positivity they will dismiss concerns of people as moaners or defeatists. i listened to these types at first but they need to be brought to task as their reckless positivity encourages bad trading at high prices. if i had a penny (thought the new dividend would be an apt reward) for every one of these deluded loyalists who had said player prices are really low steam in only for them to collapse i would be fairly rich. people and especially new users need to be aware of the state of the markets the lies of the management and the fact policy is driven by self serving trader panels. they need to hear the bad as well as the good to save money or at least make more balanced decisions.

  • And Barrow, who scored two goals, including a GWG beat them both. So goal scoring is rewarded, but it can't be all that you do in a game.

  • @NewUser628679 if your experienced in betting, why do you keep moaning about the PB matrix, as opposed to just milking it? Your moaning mentality is the mindset of someone still fighting the game rules. You’ve been moaning about goal scorers not get enough credit for as long as I’ve been reading your posts. Adapt man! Don’t moan.
    But I agree, in the past, we as traders (myself included) have been too gung ho- even as prices kept dropping. I don’t think anyone would imagine they would drop as far they did. As a result, we’ve all been burned. But to wallow in resentment is counter productive. With this drop has come big opportunities. So I’m looking to come out the trough with some real bargains. What anyone else wants to do is up to them.
    But what I find confusing, is a little bit like _oO, nearly all of your posts are negative these days. And this I don’t understand. If i decide I’m not enjoying something anymore, I stop doing it. And yet you guys are still here. It’s odd.

  • @GeoffS That's not my argument, what I want to know is why Laborde lost 35 points (Game winning goal) for scoring the goal that made it 2-1 to Montpellier (the scoring then went 3-1, 3-2 and finally 4-2 so never behind) and Deulofeu gets awarded 35 points after scoring the second goal in a 2-0 win. Deulofeu didn't score the game winner but because the first goal was an OG he gets awarded the GWG.

  • @GeoffS
    agreed but its too skewed towards passing and crossing. haaland scoring 4 in a game winning nothing and immobile scoring 36 goals in 36 league games and winning 2p for the season are the two massive examples that cant be argued against. just for clarity and to show theres no agenda i dont or havent owned either.
    this will sound like i am hypocritical fool but when analysing or debating football i normally criticise strikers who do not have a good all round game. its just on a football market goals or heavy goalscorers have to be worth more than 20p.

  • @Mcalisp

    Well Laborde didn't get the game winning goal because Savanier's goal that was the one that put them ahead. Deulofeu got the GWG because own goal's don't count towards working out the GWG.

    Personally I'd be happy if they got rid of the GWG as it's too arbitrary. But it exists at the moment and it's awarded to the player who scores the difference making goal and I think the rules are pretty clear on it.

  • @Valhalla
    im at the stage and others may be the same where we cant be arsed to restructure our portfolios again. so at the moment im not even looking if there is a market opportunity just selling through gritted teeth and holding onto some that have been crippled by the changes but dont want to sell at current prices.
    while i have players i stay and when they are sold i am most likely gone but havent ruled out staying for the longer term if i can see a decent future. and tbh its not all about the money as if its purely about a time money equation id have swanned off long ago!
    the product can be enjoyable but its very dangerous and easy to get carried away. the management are the massive put off and let down of this and are a big issue. i just call it as i see it and try to honest, delusion is dangerous.

  • @NewUser628679

    There will always be some players that are rewarded by the matrix and some that aren't. I wouldn't disagree that unsuccessful crosses are probably a bit too highly rewarded but the last thing the Index needs at the moment is more changes. Confidence is already shaky after all the changes FI have made over the last 8 or 9 months and this would be the last straw for many traders.

    This is a conversation for 6 months time, maybe more. Until then just play the game that's in front of you.

  • @GeoffS No Savanier's didn't put them ahead as they were never behind after Laborde score the second.

  • @NewUser628679 fair enough. Just try and see it both ways. Criticism necessary. Delusion helps no one. But when you see positivity, try and mention that too.

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