What happens to shares after 3 years?

  • Got a few players in my earlier days of trading that have dropped massively in price that its not worth selling and just hoping they pick up some divs. How will I know when iv owned these shares approaching 3 years and what happens once the 3 years is reached?

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    They supposedly email you but I wouldn't rely on that given that they might send you out the notification too late for you to get out of the players.

    So, navigate to the trading list and look through it manually.

    You can download a spreadsheet version and then filter by purchase date by clicking on the "Download CSV" link at the bottom of the Transaction Summary page.


  • I've got players 3 years and 2 months old and nothings happened.

    I emailed them about it , they confirmed they will start expiring later this year and apparently will give us ample notice (I hope its not 30 days notice)

  • @NewUser661637 in theory, after 3 years the bet should expire, so if you have not sold them, they would just drop out of your portfolio without proceeds. This was the main reason I kept a spreadsheet, so I knew how long I had held for.

    However, the only current way of retrospectively checking when you bought is to go through your transaction history, which would be a pretty long exercise for most. I believe you can ask Customer Services to send you your transaction history as a csv which, assuming that is right, would speed things up a bit.

    As a consequence, FI have previously advised that they will not expire any bets after 3 years until they introduce some sort of date stamp on the shares, enabling us to quickly establish how long we have held them. They said this would happen this year, but we have no other indication of time frame. Similarly, we don't know how much notice period we will get, but 30 days would not surprise me. In short, at present, nothing is happening at the 3 year point, but it will in the future. Personally I would be looking for an exit point on those holds and taking the opportunity to refresh before FI announce the date stamping, as you won't want to be forced to do this at short notice when there may be less interest in your holds.

  • @NewUser661637

    Absolutely nothing to date.

  • I heard they added a year a couple of years ago but I got rid of mine after around 2 and a half and re-invested to be on the safe side!!!

    I would just hold them!!! FI don't know their arse from their elbow so no chance they'll know who held what and for how long!!!

    I don't think its an FI thing, wanting to end the share, but instead a gambling regulation thing, to state a bet 'must' have an end bet... really they should have just put a ten year hold on players and there would be no issue!

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