Mo Salah

  • I'm a complete beginner to FI. I hold a few Salahs. I can't understand why his price has dropped so much with this week being so huge for him with MB and PB.

    Any ideas?

  • No idea either. My best guess is that there is a big group selling off to scare the market into selling before jumping back on at a cheaper rate.

  • @NewUser29605 I sold because he can do no better than he already has and he will have a bad World Cup. Also if he moves to Spain there is no MB for him.

  • Same happened around before the European semi finals, I think people are anticipating a panic sell once the final is over and are getting out now, me personally I will continue to hold, I missed the initial sell off, and the current spread levels are big enough to put me off selling, plus like you say, there's a good chance he'll be picking up dividends for most of this week

  • Also, I believe another trader meet has been announced, which usually brings about a 20% deposit bonus for those attending, what has generally happened in the past is players have withdrawn money, so that they can reinvest after the meet with the 20% bonus on top.

    What has happened in the past is that the bigger players have dropped only to recover (and then some) post meeting

    I'm not saying that this will definitely happen here, but I'm happy to hold for now

  • @Wolves_Ay_We
    I think people are anticipating a traders meet but they said there was going to be a ‘World Cup party in london’. There’s no mention it will run as a standard meet with eligibility for deposit bonus. I think some clarification from FI needs to be shed on that. However, I think the drop is because of it being mentioned regardless along with his MB return not as expected the last couple weeks from some traders. I’m still holding though and if he performs on Saturday, I can see a big increase (not that it would make sense as they wouldn’t be eligible for MB or PB by that point anyway)

  • He's not going to top the season he has just had again I don't think, so the only way from here is down. He can't score any more goals than that. Also he is being linked with Spain so will make a move there and will collect no MB. At the World Cup it will be quiet also as Egypt aren't a favoured team. These are my reasons for why I sold all 171 futures in him.

  • Pay day on Friday for many people, so expect the market and Champions League Final players to bounce upwards a bit.

  • @ocs123 Yeah, it feels like Friday and Saturday are the times when prices go up a lot.

  • Noticed a bit of a dip in him also but im holding all of mine as i think he will stay in liverpool for another year picking up his share of mb and pb and probably next summer there will be a lengthy transfer saga leading to a lot of mb

  • Its all my fault, decided to buy 90 at top dollar, he was bound to drop once I bought him....

  • Traders meet = money withdrawn. Who is the obvious target? Why the 'bubble of Nagrig' of course. Personally I wanted to divest salah this week, didn't see through trader meet coming and reckon otherwise I would have got out before Saturday. At his current price however it's full steam ahead don't look at the portfolio balance until wc let's do this Mo Mo! Other than wanting a £1k cash reserve to paste some of these transfer linked players I'm chill as over Salah. You'll all be back when he's bossing MB for days as per 👌

  • one thing i've noticed around the quiet times when no games are on is that the market does drop in general and the biggest players (ie the Ronnys, Salah's, Messi's) seem to take the biggest hit for obvious reasons (ie they cost more so will fall more)??? All I can presume it's down to is simply 'market correction' as these players will still earn you dividends but they can't keep being driven up in value as they need to have their down turn. Just like in real markets!!

    I think we'll see a steady decline in all players over the coming weeks bar perhaps those ones with transfer speculation then when the World Cup starts the upturn will be positive for all... Don't panic, it can't always be UP, UP, UP just take those media dividends and sit tight and look at the longer term picture with your holds...

    On another note..... great time to get in on the top players because their price will be lower now then it will be in a month and in August for that matter!

  • Hi MB divi 's over the last week keep on coming'!!!

  • As a newcomer to the platform, I really wish people would keep faith in Salah and stop selling him. I bought him at a high price recently, maybe a mistake? But determined to hold as his PB results also seem quite high, he's young and even if he doesn't win MB next season I can see his performances staying the same. Possibly better if he does join Real. Not sure if it would be worth it in the long run though but let's see.

  • @metropolis

    Yes, the panic selling of Salah annoys me too. People keep thinking his bubble is going to burst, but even when he’s not playing he wins MB after MB after MB.

    I hope Egypt have a good tournament, but if not, Salah in a Liverpool (or a Real Madrid) shirt next season will still be a star.

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in Mo Salah:

    @NewUser29605 I sold because he can do no better than he already has and he will have a bad World Cup. Also if he moves to Spain there is no MB for him.

    Just like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar (France but potato's potatoes) never win MB???

    I don't hold Salah, unfortunately, but you can't say he can't do better than he has and will have a bad WC! That's just a personal prediction.

    A key thing to remember is that it doesn't matter what the price is until you're ready to sell. If a players returning you dividends don't crap yaself cos a few people have realised their profits and you see a red figure, back your own judgement and remember why you bought him in the first place.

    No offence @HappyLarry59855 Just don't agree with you on that one :-)

  • @Agatello We'll see who's right in another year.

  • @HappyLarry59855 It's not really about "who's right", since @Agatello didn't say Salah will do better, or that he'll have a great World Cup, or that he will win lots of MB in Spain. He just said it's not fair to present it as fact that he'll definitely perform worse, have a bad World Cup and not win MB in Spain (which is what your post suggested), so he's already "right".

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in Mo Salah:

    @Agatello We'll see who's right in another year.

    I will have a Gentleman's bet with you that if Salah does disappear to Real or anyone else with Liberia's deficit in their Skyrocket that he will win at least one MB ;-)

    That kind of sh*t tends to follow the world's most expensive player ;-)

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