Nuno Mendes

  • New (ish) user so sorry if my terminology is off

    Just seen him come up on the new players list, but I can't seem to see how to buy him.

    When I told my brother about FI a few months back he told me to buy him as he's the next big thing to come out of Portugal.

    Again sorry if its obvious but I can't see him on Sportings squad list.

    Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser681943
    Oh... he's just appeared. Obviously doesn't come up the minute he's launched (said 5.15pm).
    Sorry guys.

    Anyone else got any views on him as a player? Must admit, never heard of him!!

  • Go into markets, and search his name in squad players ..

  • Have also heard he is rated but still v young. In case you are not, be aware that he can't earn any dividends in the Portuguese league so if you go for him you should see it as a long term bet.

  • @Hint
    Cheers, So it's basically Europa/Champions League. And wait for a transfer IF I decided to invest.

    A quick Google search suggests he has a bright future aside from FI.

  • Yes that's it. Could pay off nicely if he fulfils his potential But given his age he may not move for a couple of years at least so just be aware that you'll need to wait and you may not be able to sell for periods of time.

    Personally I'd look elsewhere unless you are very patient and have a high tolerance to risk.

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