Cheap pb players

  • Got about 200 pound in divs lately, always buy 100 shares per player. Any good recommendations? Would you buy a 100 two pound player or 100 four 50p players?

  • @Rocket-Ronnie dean henderson can get him at 45p. Will have to wait 18-24 months (for de Gea to go back to Spain) but you will double your money then. Man united and England number 1 in 2 years

  • I don't know why you already have, so you may well already have some or all of these but these are the ones I'd be looking at, based on past performance.

    Manuel Akanji at 97p - 25 years old so coming into his prime. Won 42p in PB over the last 6 months. Has the highest average PB for players under £1 who are under 25 and have played at least 10 games in the last 6 months.

    James Ward Prowse at 89p - 26 years old so again coming into his prime. Not picked up any divs in the last 6 months but has posted scores over the average winning score twice. Highest PB for midfielders under £1 who are 27 or under and have played at least 10 games in the last 6 months. Added bonus of being English. Might even get a move at some point.

    Illan Meslier at 80p - 20 years old. Has picked up 10p of divs in the last few months. Leeds play a very PB friendly style as he gets a lot of passes. Has recently had a bit of a price increase though so not sure there's much CA in him for a while.

    Nayef Aguerd at 76p - 24 years old. Has picked up 28p in divs in the last six months.

    Joe Gomez at 59p - 23 years old. Currently injured so his price is probably a bit depressed. Hasn't won any PB divs in the last 6 months but has a very good average. Also has a high standard deviation on his scores which is a good sign as you'd rather have someone who peaks and troughs rather than consistently average. Has a few media wins and will probably pick up a few more when he returns from injury. English.

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