Ederson - penalty taker, definitely maybe

  • Any thoughts (or inside information!) on whether Pep will actually let Ederson take the next City penalty? I would love to see it, but don’t think it will happen, despite City’s recent record being proper shit, whoever takes them! I bought a few a shares In the unlikely event he does take the next one, and if he does, my guess is he will probably miss too!

  • @NewUser71430 would be interesting, a precedent already set in La Liga this season with Dmitrovic at Eibar. Was nice to get the 4p IPDs! (RIPDs)

    Ederson isn't the greatest of GK PB holds so I'd be a bit cautious but you'd have to guess he'd win MB at least once if he did step up to take a pen, regardless of the outcome.

    GKs still one of the safest areas in the Index to store your money, slow and steady trickle of divs if you hold a few.

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