Tino Werner

  • Looking at investing in Tino Werner, what do people think? Likely to start up front for Germany and think he will have an excellent World Cup. Super quick striker and had good season at Leipzig rumours are Liverpool are interested also.

  • @NewUser148132
    Timo Werner: £3.88. Aged 22. 13 goals in 32 games.
    Kevin Volland: £91p. Aged 25. 14 goals in 28 games.

    Werner isn't the only one who had a good season. Can't say anything else.

  • @HappyLarry59855 when Volland was 22 he played 31 games and got 8 goals.

    Both are good options, I think Werner is more likely to reach the top of the game with an elite club as his price suggests but possibly a better ROI on Volland. Plenty of room for investment and growth in them both.

  • Volland also isn't in the World Cup squad. Werner on the other hand could potentially be one of the stars of the WC.

    I'd just look to time your exit well on Werner, as he will probably see a drop in value once Germany go out however (or win it...)

  • For months and months I watched this geezer rise on the index, not getting on until £2+ (ish can't remember exact details, day of first trader meet after Xmas when he also won pb?) anyway I'm looking at him thinking - he's wank for FI I don't get the consistent rise! Ended up selling at £4+ still none the wiser. Good player, great future, great number one (answering my own question here but for goodness sake, he's so overvalued). Volland is starting to live up to the potential of God knows how many year ago. Equally what's he returned? Naff. If you wanna German forward your best bet is Muller or Reus. Muller is worth more than Werner for me the old bull is about to put the young bullock in his paddock

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