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  • So, I've always been a sucker for a non-PB hold. On the old Index, held Donyell Malen from his shoot up from 48p to £2.80 something. I like PSV, they were my shout to be European dark horses this year and Olympiakos next Europa round is the kind of test that could prove them to either sink or swim.

    They have FI favourites, like Phillip Max and Mario Gotze, but I want to focus on their main 3 attackers.

    So, completely objectively, who holds better value and why?

    Donyell Malen 88p - 67p:
    Age 22, 11g and 5a in 1449 mins this season. Dutch.

    Cody Gakpo 62p - 46p:
    Age 21, 5g and 3a in 1044 mins this season. Dutch.

    Noni Madueke 76p - 65p:
    Age 18, 6g and 4a in 692 mins this season. English.

  • For me it's Malen.

    For a non PB league player you're gambling on them getting a move and I think Malen is the one who will move first. He's older than the others and his agent is Raiola. My only concern would be that he has a contract until 2024 so he might not move this summer.

    Ihattaren is another PSV player who looks very exciting. I can see them doing good stuff if they can keep the team together.

  • @GeoffS yeah, the move is key. That makes sense. I jumped on Malen when Lozano was rattling in goals and linked with a move, therefore his move would give Malen the long term first team place and the hype that builds with that.

    This is why I am struggling between the 3. Because Gakpo already has hype.

  • Gakpo's contract is until 2025 and he's a year younger than Malen. I know contracts aren't worth much in football these days but for me the signs are that Malen will go first with Gakpo a season later.

    It's difficult to predict at the moment though with the impact Covid has had on club's finances. Will we see clubs more willing to sell because they need the cash, or will we see a fairly stagnant market this summer as the big clubs don't have the money to throw around.

    To be fair I think you could buy either of them right now and assuming they have a good game against Olympiacos you should be able to sell at a profit. Longer term though I think Malen is more likely to go up sooner.

  • @GeoffS yeah, I definitely think Malen goes first. Could be a huge move with a good Euros.

    Where do you reckon he ends up?

  • @Lukeroro

    Honestly I've got no idea. There seem to be rumours that he might go to Dortmund, but that depends on Sancho going. I think he'd do pretty well for PB there but it's not going to generate much in MB.

    They'll obviously always be Arsenal links just because he was there as a kid, but I don't think that's likely.

    I'd love to see him come to the EPL but not sure any of the big clubs will go in for him. An Everton or Leicester would be great though.

  • I'd never heard of Madueke but they're really Impressive stats for an 18 year old so think I'll throw in a bid! I hold Malen myself and think he will move first and hopefully this year

  • Just seen Van Ginkel is back playing and has made a couple of appearances from the bench - one to keep our eye on -

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