The index is dead

  • Hate to say it but alot of people who were doom and gloom merchants are being proven right in my opinion. Trading figures for the last two Saturdays have been pathetic at best, not even £350k traded on a gold match day is very damning. I hold no confidence at all for the future of the product and is broken beyond repair.

  • I'm not sure it is dead but is certainly boring....

  • @MUFC
    its in decline and with the current management and direction its hard to see an upturn. but if things change at the top or they get a brain transplant then there is hope.

  • The management of this company are the worst i've ever witnessed.

    This last year they've taken one of the best concepts i've ever seen and made it into complete dross.

    I don't see any other outcome than dividend reductions and the price drops that come with it or they'll go out of business.

    Such a shame.

  • @MUFC
    also lowton could win star man so trading will go through the roof and the index will boom!

  • @MUFC

    The product is fine it's the management that are incompetent, inept & irresponsible - the way they have treated their customers has been appalling/disgraceful/shameful (take your pick) & they are now reaping the rewards of their stupidity. Not even a strong & loyal trader base can save a platform if the decisions taken by those in charge destroy trust & confidence everytime they fail to deliver on their promises.

  • @o_O yea its looking kinda bleak , i can only hope it improves but logic suggests otherwise

  • It is concerning that all the actions point to disinterest towards their customers.

  • It's certainly not great out there at the moment, shocking trading volumes, nothing to stimulate a dying market, they under estimated the casual trader who loved instant sell rather than the perceived investor. If figures keep like this then they will implement a dividend reduction and the fall will continue, it's shocking they have fucked it like they have

  • The issue is that the new T&C explicity say that divs will be reduced if trading declines. and 2% of 300K isn't gonna make for good level of dividends.

  • @Toptom i rekon its more, maybe 3%

  • people think when fi took the is away they took away money but the reality is that money was never ther if loads sold

    so can fi take a big loan and put the money up as an IS again,
    are they waiting to own a big number of the shares themselves or at least within the top accounts, maybe thers accounts building up a nice position percentage wise in the big players

  • we know thers only 1mill shares per player so they just need to own a nice percentage of the players out there

    in future the top youngsters they can always own 250 000 before they even put them up for sale.

  • @kaka8 what you on about ?

  • @Bugsbunnies footballindex

  • @trig - you are spot on. Saturday's on the index used to be exciting - no money coming in, no one buying, goals going in but no one cares. It is so dull. Good performances on the pitch mean so little on the index now.

    They have do do something urgently or a once great product will die.

  • I am genuinely scared that trading will carry on like it is (why shouldn’t it) and if it’s that’s case they will probably reduce divs which will lead to more people leaving no one wanting to join or if they do it will be at ‘crashed’ prices.

    4 months till the euro starts and the transfer window at the same time I am going to bail out after or during them 2 whenever pogba peaks. I just hope they don’t do anything drastic in the mean time for me to lose a lot of my money like a lot off people already have over the past year.

    I assume it will be everyone’s exit strategy in summer during or after the euros/transfer window.......... am in right ??

  • @MUFC said in The index is dead:

    I hold no confidence at all for the future of the product and is broken beyond repair.

    No doubt it’s gloomy at the moment. But “broken beyond repair”? Hmmmm. 😏 So @MUFC, when your own personal business falls on hard times, do you roll up into a foetal position and whimper in the corner? No offence, but I wouldn’t want to be on a business board with you when the going gets tough.
    The fact is, they need to get the balance of short term trading and long term right. It may not be correct now. So then they may need to adjust it again. FI is completely new product, charting unexplored waters. Trial and error in pioneering products is fundamental. THEY WILL MAKE MISTAKES. There have been no other products that have gone before that they can learn from. It took Thomas Edison 1000 attempts to get the light bulb right. To get the balance of metals right in the coil so it wouldn’t burn out. They could literally make an adjustment tonight, and it could improve the index. That’s how quickly the Index could change and has done dozens of times in the past on announcements and adjustments. So to say it’s “broken beyond repair” is pretty naive and shortsighted.
    So if you’re patience has run out, which is understandable, just move on. You won’t be the first, you won’t be last. FI is surviving its biggest test in its 5 years, and having to adapt. It may be fail, not gonna lie, but it’s more likely it will come out of this stronger than ever.

  • Lowton up for star man and his price hasn’t moved a penny as well in last 24h according to his profile. Never seen that on a gold day ever lol

  • @Index_Scholar I know I was thinking that! Leads me to think no one gives a shit anymore

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