Goalkeepers forgotten teade

  • Are keepers getting stung with the IPD being removed 必必必

  • @Dan114114 said in Goalkeepers forgotten teade:

    Are keepers getting stung with the IPD being removed 必必必

    I don't think owners of Alisson have been complaining recently!

    15p of MB in about a week if I'm not mistaken.

  • I never got the appeal of keepers personally. When everyone was raving about them I wasn't overly excited about the 2p gold day win or whatever paltry amount it is. Having said that I did buy some. Masisvely in the red on them all now though

  • imagine the price of goalkeepers if 'EVERY' game played in a PB league paid top dividend in each pos...

    Penny per game goalie dividend, best defender and midfielder 2p, best striker 1p, and f*ck it... why not throw in a penny or two a goal and assist too?

    would that not 'lift' the market tenfold?????? This way, 'each game' in its own entity, becomes a potential, no, guaranteed dividend earner with a 1/5 (or better) chance of dividend wins per match with trading like mad ahead of matchdays and over weekends!

    Suppose it sounds too fun and simple to work for FI????

  • Depends which keepers to be honest, I hold Alisson and Neuer (and some lesser known keepers who I wont mention )
    As Boris999 mentioned, Alisson has been winning MB with his eye opening performances.
    Neuer has won TOTM a couple of times and won star man recently on a bronze day - so both are returning dividends in different ways.

    I probably wont buy any more shares in keepers at this stage, if I did Id probably look at Ederson or Martinez. No longer having IPDs wouldnt put me off, itd be down to individual PB prospects for me.

  • @dannypea sounds like the best way for F.I to go go broke in no time. May as well ask them to give everyone money every friday to buy players!! that will surely work!!

  • @Bugsbunnies I would rather see FI go broke trying than sit on their arse and let us all die of death slowly and miserably at a painful loss!!!

    Play the odds... x4 winners per game means x20+ losers per game... it's not too dis-similar to (in fact better financially for FI than) IPD's on giving 10 defenders payouts on clean sheets or 5 plus goals and assists in higher scoring games... Even if done at paying out the top 3 points scorers per game overrall... you get a fixed amount per match and a wider pool of winners...

    Or we could just 'ALL' invest in Manuel Neuer and f*ck off everyone else????

  • @Boris999 Did he win it 3x? I can only remember 2, he definitely challenged on a few other days though. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • @howsthebacon said in Goalkeepers forgotten teade:

    @Boris999 Did he win it 3x? I can only remember 2, he definitely challenged on a few other days though. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Yeah, definitely three times. I own him in bulk so I certainly appreciated the payouts.

  • @Dan114114 I hold many gks and now the ipds have been removed they are definitely less desirable. This means they are harder to sell at buy price because there isnt too many people market buying them currently (especially with the way the market is). However if you look at the numbers and see there are 84 starting keepers in pb leagues (some gks not on the index and some that are who dont play or play as sub) there is a stong case for owning a high number of them to earn regular divs. I own 28/84 starting pb keepers and feel like i have a chance to win divs on any given day. Will just let them sit there and use the divs to increase my bets on outfield players

  • @JT4PAFC sounds interesting... whats your div win percentage over the last month or so?

  • Data Centre - Football Index 15-02-2021 17-20-41.png

    Stats for the last month.

  • @dannypea I just went and looked and out of the 45 game days this year, ive had top keeper on 15 of those occasions (some have been single game day wins). I was only playing the ipd game with keepers but decided why instant sell now I have built a strong position with them. Will have to be patient but i believe the divs will trickle in quite often. I have 14 keepers in european competitions all of them being larger holdings so hopeful as many of them can get through to the qf when the 2 game gold cl days start!

  • @JT4PAFC how many shares do you have in each keeper ? and roughly how much did you spend on those 28 keepers ?

  • @Dan114114
    big time. ipds were massive for goalkeepers and my port was badly hit by the removal. majority arent worth even considering and the dividends arent big enough.

  • @Bugsbunnies With keepers that i want to hold long term i have anywhere between 500-3250. I really cant tell you about average cost because i used to refresh at any price. So all my average costs dont resemble the amount i intially paid and im quite a casual user that doesnt use spreadsheets. I had been playing the ipd game with keepers since the 5x promotion so have made a killing with them! I feel now is the hard part, being patient to wait for the pb divs to trickle in or sell them at a price im happy with.

  • @JT4PAFC
    the dividends are just too low without ipds to make them attractive. some like bounou may just about pay for themselves but most of the rest will be struggling.

  • @Bugsbunnies My average cost of all 28 is 9816.77

  • @JT4PAFC Cheers, interesting

  • @Bugsbunnies total divs from them = 2865.79

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