Buy/Sell price gulf?

  • Can anyone at Football Index please tell me how the Buy/Sell spread is calculated?


  • @Foolandhismoney The ''buy'' price is the average price of the lowest 900 units available.

    The ''sell'' price is supposed to be the average price of the highest 300 units traders are willing to pay. In practice though a look at the depth chart will often show that there are not 300 units at this price.

    Both buy and sell are set by traders so the ''gulf'' is between what traders believe someone is worth and what other traders are willing to pay.

    Hope that helps!

  • basically... its like when Fulham sold that young Elliott fella to Liverpool.... The seller wanted £8m.... The buyer wanted to pay 500k.... In the end they had a two year stand off before taking it to court to decide!!!

    Probably similar what will happen between us and FI for our money back!!!

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