One Simple Change to Improve FI

  • FIT made an interesting proposal in his post today. It’s basically tiered PB, which is nothing new, but remedies a lot of current grumbles, so I thought it was worth mentioning here. Basically it revolves around scrapping the messy MDE and TOTM and proposes putting all those divs into the match day experience. Ppl want instant rewards for players, not waiting days or weeks so that they can’t even remember which of their players had won them. The proposed div payout is:

    Gold Day: 1st 14p/ 2nd 7p/ 3rd 3p
    Silver Day: 1st 8p/ 2nd 4p
    Bronze Day: 1st 4p (stay the same)

    The advantages of this are:
    •A massively simplified product that new comers can understand. No more scrabbling around for MDE or TOTM charts that FI don’t even provide.
    •If your player misses out on the jackpot, there is still meaningful wins for 2nd and 3rd, that leave ppl feeling good about life.
    •The rewards get paid out the next morning like regular divs, instead of days/weeks later as is the case of TOTM and MDE now.
    • It’s a simple adjustment that won’t need wholesale changes. No mass player sell off to adjust ports, as was the case with IPD removal.

  • I’ve already mentioned this on Twitter recently. There’s too much of a gap between PB and MDE and it just looks too big going from a potential 28p then 1p for second and onwards. I don’t think they will change it now though. The only thing they could do is tier MDE after feedback?

  • @Valhalla
    wouldnt be against it to get rid of mde but doesnt really deal with the instant dynamic of making short term or match day trading attractive. its just another incentive for people to sit on holds for three years so little trading.

  • @Valhalla

    Team of the Month is the best thing that's happened to FI in a long time and you only have to look at the traction @ElkHunter78 has on his twitter feed for publishing the updates to see that people are engaging with it. The related posts on here are often amongst the most liked threads too.

    I'm all for tiered PB, but not at the expense of TOTM. For me though... there shouldn't be a need for one or the other. FI just removed IPD's, that's a whole lot of prizes they took away. It would cover the tired PB payouts.

  • @Dan-The-Man personally a big fan of TOTM also. And no doubt a lot of other ppl do too. But I believe it’s a bit lost on some newbies. And it does complicate things. I like this proposal because of its simplicity.
    And regarding IPD removal and whether or not they could now afford it- only they will know.

  • @Valhalla

    I don't understand FI's lack of promotion for TOTM.

    Why there isn't a rankings style tab in the app is beyond me. Is it just that they have no actual staff?

  • @Dan-The-Man I know, ppl are engaged and want to see if their players are in the running. Odd.

  • @Valhalla this is basically what I mentioned the other week but I think we could stretch the payouts a bit further. Adds a bit more value to the players and on a gold day you will see various winners:
    2nd = 4p
    3rd = 3p
    4th = 2p
    5th = 1p
    6th = 1p

    Silver pays out 3-4 places, bronze 1-2.

  • @Shippers good shout. 🙌🏻

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