Quick fix to improve clarity / sentiment?

  • Just been looking down my port, and the one's that seem extremely undervalued seem to be getting "pulled" down by really old bids that fall way outside of the available bid range.

    E.G. Asensio - There is a bid at 12p for a larger amount of shares than any other, so this is bringing the price that is shown down massively. However when I go to list, the lowest price I can list for is 30p and the highest £2.17.

    Maybe an idea for FI to set up an hourly / daily script or something to clear out any bids that say fall outside the allocated min / max? Would certainly help to give the "Sell" button a more true valuation and could also increase sentiment slightly.

  • I like the idea, if bid zones are to remain. However, I've seen talk of how productive it would be to remove bid zones completely and I think I agree with that.

    It would cause a short term plummet but then the true value in players would rise. Well, valuable players!

    The removal of bid zones would sort out the problem, but if they plan to keep them, I like your idea, definitely.

  • I never really got how the order books and bid process could work and am some ways glad it failed emphatically because a lot of users asked for it which ultimately lead to the downfall...

    As an 'impulsive' trader... I would buy and sell based on timing, if i felt for example a player was undervalued, or about to hit the headlines, I would get in and buy now... if i was about to think my player was going to go stale, or indeed i felt they were at their highest price.. I would sell now... With order books it's all very methodical... You see a player, you think he's expensive, so you put a bid in for when they drop (which if they drop due to injury/negative news you might then want out regardless).. you 'list' a player you don't want.. but then the only players you'll list are bad ones... Why would you list a performing player in your portfiolio (unless you are desperate to sell up)? So if you don't want them, likeliness is nobody else will either?

    I do get how the order book thing 'should' work... you put in a price for a player and should they hit that price, you automatically make a purchase or a sell... great idea... but that is not what should dictate the market, that is simply your own stop loss/gain...

    I think its probably too late now to go back to having a football stockmarket where you simply buy and sell shares.. instead we are at an auction room scenario where people will still pay big for what they want, whilst others struggle to get the price they want for their lesser shares... What might be a better way instead of letting cheeky low life bidders dictate the market, is that the cut off price is simply 10% higher or 10% lower on each price to make a buy/sell bid which lessens the spread and keeps pricing sensible either side...

    Although even with that... I don't see how the market can improve, because people still won't buy crappy shares that others don't want... which was the beauty of the old market!

  • @dannypea At the moment most people are very cautious because buying prices and selling prices(when there is one) are often so far apart. If they narrow the spreads(market makers ? ) then it would give people more confidence. I think when players that have no sell price or very limited bids FI should step in and provide the liquidity. This in turn would aid sentiment and get more liquidity into the market. Players that have lost any appeal over a period of time could then be taken off the index ?

  • @NorfolkCanary they have always been far apart... If sell price was X and buy price was Y... and that was that... investors would be more inclined to invest knowing the distance of spread, as they would still know how much they would need to make before they return a profit... Issue is now... the spreads are wide... and they don't even make sense... You can buy cheaper than the buy price so that's pretty irrelevant (no of shares dependent)... but you can't sell! I cant sell Advincula at 10p... I can't sell Messi at 4.60... that's down to the spreads in a way, and the market now being dictated by the investor, but more than that... it's down to FI ballsing up so much that they only have 3,000 active daily traders (many of them playing with dividend money) and that is not enough to go around if people want to make decent money from the platform!!!

    We need to be at min 10k traders trading at a million quid a day just to get things interesting!

  • I think all the low bids or any bid should have a life of 1 week then get deleted

  • Yeh, this makes massive sense and is stupidly obvious. It directly affects confidence in the product, and like you say, it serves no purpose at all having unreallistic bids other than to drag all of our port values down.

    Try it in a shop in real life and see how far you get. Pack of wotsits please mate, ill have them for 2p. Er, no...

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