• If FI had been around 10, 20, 30+ years ago, who would have been the best players on the index?

    Media - eg. Beckham, Gazza, Cantona, Maradona?
    Performance - eg. Platini, Pele, Best, Maradona (again)

    Would current players, Messi, Kimmich, Ronaldo still make the list?

    Just a bit of fun.

  • @Honeylight someone who gives it more than 30 seconds thought will probably pick a gem, but I can't see beyond Beckham. Not many will marry the MB and PB, Man U, England captain. Cherry on top probably that one of his best playing attributes was crossing and we know the Index loves that!

    Maradonna an obvious overseas one and George Best going back further, but don't think either would have got close to Beckham. Gazza is another great shout, but just didn't have the longevity or play enough after he really made it big. Such a shame, as even though he was at Spurs, I loved Gazza.

  • @Honeylight

    Vinnie Jones would have done alright for MB.

    Pires/Henry/Cole/Vieira/Seaman would have cleaned up 03/04. Henry had 30 goals 18 assists. The club won the most, lost the least, scored the most, conceded the least.

  • I would love to have seen some of Xavi and Iniesta’s scores from midfield during peak tiki-taka

  • Ronald Koeman, goal every 3 games from defence.. Insane when you think about it really.

  • @Specksynder said in GOAT on FI:

    I would love to have seen some of Xavi and Iniesta’s scores from midfield during peak tiki-taka

    Would have been vomit inducing.

  • Aside from Beckham, Cantona would have won a lot of MB as would Balotelli when he was at Man City

    Beckham would have been a decent PB player as well as would Dennis Irwin

  • Ian Rush

  • If you look at the matrix, set pieces would be key:
    Obviously Becks.
    Juninho Pernambacuno
    Francesco Totti
    I remember Thierry Henry taking corners at Arsenal. Amongst nicking the off goal.
    Can't believe, every time this kind of thread pops up, nobody ever mentions Ronaldinho!

  • I would say there were some excellent picks in each position:

    Forwards, Shearer (media whore too), Nwanku Kanu who could skip past a player, and was always involved, had a high touch rate with holding up the ball to begin play), Batistuta and Felipe Inzaghi, both would have bossed their positions, chuck Herman Crespo into the mix too.

    Mid-field players like Lampard (+media liked to print about him, + the whole Gerrard/Lampard angle), Youri Djorkaeff, Scholes, Deco (great for Porto, and would have cleaned up during their CL winning season, not so great for Barca), Ronaldinho, all to name a few, who scored quite regularly and also had play go through them. Particularly the likes of Scholes, or Jay-Jay Okocha, who whenever I picture either playing for their respective teams, I see those short short passes, just one touch stuff, and the long balls they used to play, both would have been a PB beast I think.

    Defenders, Ian Harte, great goal scoring and assist stats, Ronald Koeman, who I think is the highest scoring defender in history. Cafu, who tirelessly ran the flanks and was involved in play. Come to think of it John Arna Riise used to take freekicks and penalties right? Media wise, no-one stands out, Stuart Pearce maybe? Mainly for the wrong reasons, but british media loved the bulldog side of him.

    Goalkeepers, hmmm, Nigel Spink was decent when I was a wee lad, haha. Mark Bosnich was in the papers fairly often, but again usually for the wrong reasons. Shay Given was decent in his time, always had good distribution. Who was the short bald headed keeper for united? Can't be arsed to search, but he was decent, and media seemed to like him too.

    Last one that shot to mind, Jurgen Klinsman - I think i spelt his name wrong - he would have been great, all play went through him, linked up brilliantly, he scored, and the media LOVED the "German ripping up the Premier league' story, plus his celebration was written about every time he scored!

    Any way, nice article, good to chat about something different! Nice trip down memory lane for me. Thanks.

  • Gazza, all day!

  • Giggs would have returned his Value 10 times in his career. Corners , dribbling, Goal, MB galore. Mr longevity at Man U

  • Richard Dunn, Frank sinclair and Michael duberry for all their MB on their world class own goals. Some were a thing of beauty.

  • @UncleBeard said in GOAT on FI:

    Who was the short bald headed keeper for united?

    Fabian Barthez. Lauren Blanc used to kiss his head for luck.

  • @UncleBeard I remember a Batistuta interview where he said he wasnt that keen on football and had no idea he was top goal scorer in Seria A. Insane confidence, he just knew no matter where he was on the pitch if he hit the ball,it was going in.

  • Beckham would have been ridiculous for MB... thinking PB holds could have been Scholes, Zidane, Pires at Arsenal might have been a nice shout, Freddie Ljunberg? Rivaldo... Going back even further we could of had Bobby Baggio or George Weah, Mathias Sammer?, the Ajax lads would have been cheap (Kluivert, Overmars) before big moves... Cantona however would no doubt have been KING!

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