Buy & Forget players?

  • I'd like to put a small amount of money on my account (£20-£50), buy some players and then leave them for a bit. I was thinking of buying young, dividends-likely players (e.g. Mbappe, Haaland etc) Any suggestions for who to buy? Or another approach to take, rather than buying young premium forwards?

    Also considered Mane, as he seems cheap?


  • @NewUser227928

    There’s A LOT of value in the market right now. It’s important to make up your own mind on strategy and the specific player. The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to be proactive to the market (not reactive).

    I have only been on the platform for about 12 months but the 3 main strategy’s I‘ve seen are:

    The reliable (older) players that will almost certainly guarantee a 100% return of divs over a 3 year period, (Ronaldo, Messi etc) - but the main gamble here is whether and when they retire.

    The young stars you mention such as Mbappe and Haaland are maybe the best investment if you want a long term hold. They might not return even 50% of their value in divs over 3 years, but they have age on their side and their value will probably be the most stable over that period with their growth reflecting that of the platform.

    The lower end bargain buys. Perhaps the strategy with the most potential for profit, (if you’re good at it!!) There are a lot of players away from the daily spotlight under 50p who can return their value in divs in no time at all. But it’s a big old cave system with only a few jewels so do your homework and i’d recommend spreading your investment.

  • Cue all the posts pumping players so they can get £20 out of them.

    In all seriousness, Look at the matrix, understand what you actually score for and look at the data site rather then following the advice of people with ulterior motives.

    In your post you single out Mane. Is he going to get sold (and thus some Media returns?)? Will he outscore his team mates (he will always be on the same match day as Salah so that limits his returns)? Does he match your risk profile (Do you want a player thats cheap, get lots of shares but might win once a year for a single large payout or a single share of a more expensive player than might return once a month for a smaller payout).

  • CHO is a great share to buy IMO, the media are always interested and he can get some good PB scores. Just try to enjoy FI. If you see O_o or MUFC moaning, ignore them or block them. They are parasites on the forum feeding off negative comments. Good luck!

  • @Toptom where is this matrix people keep banging on about?

  • @NewUser120946 It's on the Academy page. Scroll down for Match Day Scoring Table.

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