Number of shares in circulation ,,,,

  • Sancho gets divs, FI feels sick! Thanks for sharing

  • is it good or bad if a current player has eg. 100,000 shares only so potentially 900,000 to be added? my first thought is obviously bad as my very basic 'non-trader' view suggests its not great as it will dilute the current market - but is this right or can it have a positive effect?

  • @G27 good, as when players reach the 1 million there will be no new shares to buy so we will have to buy off each other. This will add abit of scarcity to the shares and therefore hopefully this will become a driver of positive sentiment and therefore higher prices

  • @NewUser7 could be good in 5- 10 years if F.I takes off , but even then they can just change their terms. So in reality is makes very little difference

  • @Bugsbunnies when some positive sentiment returns to the market we will see the effects. No way 5 years to see the effect!

  • so when we get to Sancho's market cap.. ie 1m... how does his share price then rise further?

    A little confused why for example Bruno's price is 7.48 and Sancho's price is 6.68 despite the latter having nearly twice as many holders????

    Can't be down to the IPO price can it??? Does FI adjust the share price of players accordingly???

  • @dannypea

    Lots of people are holding onto their Sancho shares so are not selling. The ones selling are happy to sell for less than what people want to sell bruno for.

    Similarly those that don't have sancho, don't rate him as highly as bruno and so are not prepared to offer as much.

    The fact there are more shares but actually have negative impact. More people want to sell so under cut each other and so drives down the buy price.

  • @Weggers83 cool thats what i thought.... so if everybody 'stopped' listing and offering... his price would sky rocket UP and above Bruno???

    Which brings me to the question... How high can his (and everybody's) price CAP? surely now if cap is 1m shares then their would be a ceiling price too?

  • @NewUser7 i was just talking about the 1m cap thing , as so far F.I index is over 5 years old , and not one player has reached 1million in shares, a handful are close, and soon age will be against some of them bar Sancho Haaland and a few others . so yea it will be years before a large chunk of them reach 1m Right now we have a fraction of the traders we had 12months ago . so don't expect loads of players to be hitting 1m in sales anytime soon

  • The 1 million cap thing is irrelevant anyway.

    Just imagine Sancho does actually move to Utd and he wins the Premier League and European Cup with Utd and then the World Cup with England in 2022, scoring the GWG in the final. Are you seriously telling me that FI will stick to their 1 million cap limit?

    No chance! They'll just change their T&Cs at 30 days notice and increase the limit to 1.5 million or 2 million futures in each player.

    The limit is completely meaningless in real terms.

    I think they introduced it in the hope that it will help to attract HNWI or MMs, but they'll never be able to do to that while they have T&Cs that allow them to make major changes every 30 days. It's a pipe dream.

  • thats interesting stuff. Sancho doing well could be expensive.

    so where are they getting the money from? £400k trading per day average = £1.2m a month, do the commissions cover it?

    the only obvious thing i see for them is to start trading against users. if they can buy back and cancel shares that have gone under their ipo price, they make a profit on them right? they would have sold high, and bought low.

  • @NewUser318921 Their main source of "making money" is minting shares, as commission covers fuck all. They can now mint players at any price they want, hence they need money

  • @NewUser318921 i think you u meant 400k a day = 12m a month!!!

  • @Bugsbunnies yes sorry

    but still the same question remains, 2% of £12m?

    is there another source of 'good' monies?

    I see the minting shares as a bit of conflict of interest

  • @NewUser318921 you can only roughly workout how much they make on commission of buys and sells, its 2% to buy and 2% to sell pretty much as nobody does buy nows really, and also they mint a lot of shares so you cant count that in your figures for 2% of sales. In a nutshell its fuck all

  • @NewUser318921 if players are selling to players shouldn’t this be 4% of 12m which is just shy of 500k I’m sure they’re not paying that much out in divs

  • @Lloyddavies your sure there not paying out 500k in div in a month!!!!! prob paying out about 2-7million a month on div

  • @Bugsbunnies is it that much ? Anybody ever looked into this

  • @Lloyddavies not hard to do the maths , we have the shares issued , today on a Bronze day if things don't change they will pay out 46,075 on sancho , 14,630 on Ronaldo 2,339 on ramsey and Diego Carlos well he isnt on the list so lets just say 1k so thats 64,044 on a Bronze day, wait till the Silver days and Gold days!!!!! if 64,044 was the average which it wont be it will be higher that works out on a 30 day month 1.921,320

    so are you sure you are sure that 500k covers the div payouts ???
    We can take it a bit further and say they lose 2m a month just from div payouts lets make that 25m a year, thats before advertising, paying staff promos etc etc etc so that may push loses to what 35-50m
    So that 150m people say they saved taking away IS wont last , but hey they can mint shares and "make a fortune"

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