Bruno Fernandez Scoring Matrix

  • Does Bruno Fernandes have his own scoring system? Why does he get such massive media scores assigned to him? 280 points for what appears to be a link to a live text on Talksport yet no other player scores.


  • The matrix is nonsense.

    Bruno could fart and he would win PB or media buzz.

  • @NewUser84362 said in Bruno Fernandez Scoring Matrix:

    The matrix is nonsense.

    Bruno could fart and he would win PB or media buzz.

    Lol 😂 sorry this made me laugh

  • @NewUser84362 If you think Bruno wins MB all the time, which he doesn’t by the way, why not buy him and milk the divs rather than moan about it?

  • @Martin-M amen 🙏

  • @NewUser84362 said in Bruno Fernandez Scoring Matrix:

    The matrix is nonsense.

    Bruno could fart and he would win PB or media buzz.

    They used to say this about the Poginator.
    One time he won MB because a new Pogba emoji was unveiled. Ahhhhh, I remember those days fondly.....😌

  • I remember Ronaldo taking some bird on a date (back when he was famous) and that got more media than Harry Kane or alike scoring a hat-trick which sent users (like me) into a frenzy,... Then it was Pogba's haircuts... now Bruno's farts... I think as said above.., Best thing to do is just 'hold' these media magnates!!!

    I actually preferred the unfiltered media system because as we new, all news is good news, although the Ronaldo rape cases i suppose were against the spirit of the game.. the matrix now rewards key words like 'great' or 'fantastic' which means anybody that misses a 'great' or 'fantastic' opportunity to win the game will score well!

    It's just the way it is... But in fairness, usually the days biggest headlining star will come through... how it should!

  • It’s time to play the music
    It’s time to light the lights
    It’s time to meet the Muppets on the
    Bruno Fernandes show tonight.

  • @NewUser207522
    the whole media thing is rubbish should be scrapped on match days, put the money into match day performers. farcical that bruno penandes wins 5p media for scoring a penalty yet players scoring 240+ or hat tricks may get 1p. just one of the many backward, unfair and ridiculously imbalanced payouts from a hopeless management.

  • @NewUser628679 yep agree with your points but if you have him in your port he will probably be your biggest dividend winner for the next few years

  • Predictable things are great for us, as easier to make money on. MB may not be fair, it may not have logic, but as it stands, it is probably far easier to predict than PB. Therefore, scrapping MB or watering it down is likely to cost us all money. I would certainly not want to see it removed in favour of extra match day dividends.

  • @NewUser628679 You are right miserable old fart aren’t you?

  • @Martin-M
    nah i dont take things too seriously bit of a clown actually, lighten up! but when it comes to betting and stuff i analyse things properly it pays better that way. you must think the media should be a good part of fi. the headline - what is your football knowledge worth doesnt really marry with the media. its really just the shite some random journalists write about, if you're happy with that carry on.

  • @Mintyfresh
    i can see your point but for me all the payouts on match days should be for on pitch performances. besides have heard whinging from users that the media articles arent filtered properly as yet another fi promise hasnt been delivered.

  • @NewUser628679 on pitch would seem fairer, but it would less profitable for users, so I'm not keen! It would also have a negative impact on the top of the market, which in turn would filter down and again hurt us all. I see your point, but I don't see how it would benefit the market to reduce MB pay outs. We've been through enough change without them doing that.

  • @Mintyfresh
    i admit i havent bought from the top end for a while so can see why bruno holders would be keen to keep it. i just try and look at things for the good of the platform and take the selfish goggles off.
    i cant imagine many check the media on gold match days its all about the player scores. its an afterthought, so divert the funds into players playing well which is what a football platform should be about. not newspaper/website rubbish.

  • @NewUser628679 I don't hold Bruno either, I just think a strong top end benefits everyone and a core of strong dividend returners is helpful when trying to attract new users. Also sets FI apart from other products who don't have anything other than on pitch returns and it can give a pay out when your player misses PB (Aubameyang got a win after hat trick and Kane has won after scoring a winning goal in a non PB cup game). Lastly, I just think FI should avoid any more fundamental changes for a while now.

    I suspect I may not talk you round but my logic is actually far more about what I think is good for the platform as a whole, rather than any personal direct gain for me (which I appreciate was your logic too, we just disagree on what is best!)

  • @Mintyfresh
    good post. agree with you on the fi differential with media it could be a pull for some who knows, i dont like it as find the media is generally waffle and bollox. also agree fi should avoid changes at least until the summer as there would be more uproar.
    where i would disagree is on needing the media for a strong top end. the media generally pays man utd players and has a premier league bias, kimmich never wins it but he thrives. think the big hitters get enough as it is with a nice share of 14p28p gold wins and totm.
    as it is the media is just a boring bruno fernandes bum fest. and before people say just buy him then i am not paying £7 for anybody on here as i want to keep my sanity. i dont care if he shits dividends.

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