loyal users

  • Are footballindex allowing the loyal users to mop up a nice amount of the low prices,?
    can they see whats going on?

    and once they believe enough loyal users have a nice amount of shares will they start building walls in the knowledge that a good percentage of shares are secure with loyal users. ie the loyal marketmakers

    or are they simply figuring out how to fix this

  • @kaka8 your going “FI deep state” on this. I like your thinking.

  • @kaka8 I bloody hope so. Somehow unfortunately I don't think they are thinking into it that much 😕

  • Only reason people can mop up shares at low prices is because people are selling at low prices. I suspect a lot of people want to see something happening to their shares every day/week and get impatient when nothing moves, you need to have some patience on this site it's not like betting on horses. Bet on the horses for your daily fix and put money into this and just keep an eye on whats going on, but don't panic if you go week or two or more with no divi's.

  • as a loyal user i don't feel like i'm getting any favours from FI... I think the drop is down purely to negligence and bad management, loyal customers like me are loyal to the product because like the great Georgia off Love Island once said... I'm loyal! And that is why we stick around!

    Along with a few thousand other reasons locked in!!!!!

  • Nope, FI are hoping the loyal guys will keep stepping up to the plate like thay have been since FI wont do it.
    However those guys are getting harder and harder to find at this point, I was one of them but no more.

    The reality from my POV is, FI have not a fucking clue what to do and are just hoping for a fucking miracle to fix this mess at this point. If FI knew what to do or wanted to actually stop the bleeding they would have acted by now, but its obviouse they cant or dont want to, either way they seem happy enough to watch this whole thing just tank since they have our money now.

    Things will most likely continue, untill its so bad they start having to cut and remove even more dividends.
    I could be wrong, but at this point I dont think so, time will tell I guess, all I know is they dont inspire confidence, I wouldn't trust these fannies to run a fucking bath.

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