A good time to get back in?

  • Honest opinions appreciated

    Is it a good time to deposit?

    I bought in at a bad time but sold my portfolio at just the right time. I lost about 10% after Insta selling my portfolio right before order books came in.

    Since then i miss football index a lot and i occasionally come here and read posts, overall it seems like sentiment is very negative.

    But the prices on offer are huge value compared to what i was buying and eventually sold for.

    Do you think football Index still be operational in lets say 3 years time?

    And just in case people who are looking to sell and may be biased i am honest when i say this, the amount of money i put in would not really move the market at all. Probably i would put 500gbp or so.

  • @Millonarios In all honesty mate who knows. I keep reinvesting my dividends but probably more out of hope and stupidity than having a clue what will happen.

    Its not a great time on here right now. Mood and sentiment are at an all time low but its still such a great concept and brings so much enjoyment into what I believe is such a shit time for football in general.

    If you can afford to lose 500 quid then why not? The dividends on offer are decent and you might just get lucky and things turn round at some point.

  • @Millonarios wait for 6 months or a year

  • I would sooner be buying in now rather than last February when I actually bought in.

  • I would say you're now gambling on the platforms survival... If it gets worse, its because FI is going down the pan.. if it gets better, then yes definitely NOW is the best time to get in!

    If we compare to years gone by, prices now are better than ever, so many 'cheap' players under a quid that I see value in, especially with dividend returns so high... my only annoyance is once you get in, unless you get very very lucky indeed, it's very difficult to make enough money to get out!

    That could easily change depending on FI's next chess move... If it incentivises selling, all of the sudden you could see the market rocket! If it doesn't... then people will continue to be hesitant!

  • I agree that there's a lot of negative sentiment since the move to order books.
    But as other people mentioned, I also think now is a good time to go in since the prices are decently low with potentially high returns.

    True that once you get in, the dividends yields are good but certainly difficult to make enough money to exit. Having said that, just hope the market will rise again with prices rocketing.

    Not sure if prices will get back up to £15 a share (like neymar, sancho did at one point I think). If it does then great and we can make a good profit from it.

    All in all, I think to earn some decent money from this platform, we need to start to do some clever trading (buy low, sell high, at that the right time...)

  • If the index doesn't go bust or drastically reduce dividends , then you will easily make good money, nobody knows what the future holds. The players are at their cheapest in years, basically means , people aren't super confident F.I will still be around in the not so decent future or that they wont reduce dividends.
    so in conclusion if you happy to risk losing everything you put in go for it, and if things start to improve with F.I you will be rewarded highly for your gamble

  • @NewUser120946 It's the spread that kills trading.

  • @NewUser580308 yes, that's putting me off right now hence my current strategy has been focusing on holding dividend-yielding players.

    on the side, I'm targeting players with low spreads. if I can grab a few cheap players right now, I'm banking on them rising in the next few months to come then I can start trade

  • I would put in a small amount of what you have available to invest, so that you can enjoy the match day experience whilst protecting yourself during a turbulent period.

    Prices are low in terms of historic levels. But high prices were enabled by IS and paid by traders who had not experienced the sustained turbulence of the last few months. Prices are not necessarily so low when the risk of dividend reduction or worse is factored in and could drop further still. I think many are rightly worried about a dividend decrease because of the low daily trading figures at present and it's difficult to see a significant improvement in the situation anytime soon. As always the concept is great but management decisions of late are less so. I wouldn't say now is a good time to get back in, at least completely. I'm personally not depositing but I've stopped withdrawing too.

  • It's not like it was pre order books. It's boring as hell now.

    You were used to the excitement of IPDs and a good chance of winning something,
    and the excitement that came with it.

    Now you just do a spreadsheet and hope your brunos and kimmiches win enough dividends before it goes out of business.

    Put a small amount in that wouldn't piss you off too much if you lost it and see if u enjoy it how it is now.

  • If I were you, I’d wait until June.

    We’re yet to feel the full effects of FI’s decision to mint new futures at any price (which may contribute towards an oversupply of futures in the market) and of course there is the added worry of a possible dividend reduction in June (however unlikely, this is possible).

    You’ll probably find that prices fall more before they pick up.

  • There is a really bad case of FI apathy running through the place at the moment, get your injections and then dive in. 🙂

  • @Millonarios

    A good time deposit as long as it is money you can afford to lose. I have been investing in FI for 2 years and currently I have no idea which way the market is going to go.

    I am in a fortunate position of making a profit early doors with FI so now I am playing with there money, but over the last 6-8 months my remaining investment has depreciated by 33%.

    So my advice is be careful!!

  • @Millonarios
    be very careful. put a bit in and see if you enjoy it. one thing i hear constantly is players are great value, are they really? i dont think some people actually factor in all the fi risks (mainly with management) with player prices. do a proper cost/reward analysis, its geeky and boring but its needed as this platform can be a dangerous money drainer.

  • @NewUser628679
    Why would you get back in after looking at tonight's games, FI has moved away from actual football performances.
    Lets have a look at tonight's 3 games - 6 different scorers - 3 have dropped hugely throughout the day, one will also win top def but he has dropped 13%. The likely media winner has also dropped and Ronaldo two goals, top striker and top player has gone up 1p. This is the reason FI is dropping like a stone. I love the concept but everyday it bemuses me more and more. Thankfully my Sevilla and Juve double will make up for my losses I have made today.

  • @NewUser336426 It's not a pretty picture is it🤨

  • @NewUser336426
    yeah player prices can go anywhere no matter the performance. people can try predicting the few who may rise or get the price back asap with dividends. the platform needs an oomph a gigantic kick up the arse or more useful one for the management. get in line people!

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  • @Kanzz Any chance you can stop using the word rape in every single one of your posts?

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