• These changes are funny - I’m on 3700% up on ighalo who I bought as a long term punt that he has a short stay in the Middle East and ends up back in Europe on a media day :-) but at 1p worth a punt 😳. Will take a screenshot then flick back to buy price - which is still 300% up - then back to my spreadsheet will will have reality of £0.

  • I brought a few Kevin Lasagna the other week with some div wins... my buy price was 10p each which i thought was brilliant, his current buy price is 0.24 and i've got a bottom set ave priced benchmark at 17p so would be around 7p profit minus commission... Confused already????

    None of it bloody relevant though as there's NO SELL price offered so i'll be having lasagna every day probably now for the next three f*****ng years!!!!!

  • Bloody annoying isn’t it..what’s the point of doing your homework?
    One day Rodney.

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