Messi vs Ronaldo - The Final Showdown !!

  • Hey Guys

    This is most likely the last time that we will see Messi and Ronaldo in a World Cup together....but who will reap the rewards from the competition??

    • Messi's price is currently £9.86 whereas Ronaldo's price is only £8.58....who would be the better investment if you only had a choice between these two for investing?
    • Both players are in reasonable groups where they could get the goals but who do you think will be top goalscorer?
    • It looks quite likely that they will meet in the QF !!! (Argentina beating Denmark and Portugal beating Uruguay in the Round of 16)

    Let's hear your opinions on who will do better in the WC !!



  • @AndyP32 I've said it before and I'll say it now. I see Portugal reaching a Semi Final or Final. I do however see Lionel Messi being the better investment as he is 3 years younger than Ronaldo and Ronaldo is more of a power athlete (relies on speed and strength). Power athletes usually fade quicker than other types of athletes. Look at David Haye, a power athlete who has faded at 32 onwards from the body slowing down. Then look at Floyd Mayweather who at 38 was beating the world's best still, regardless of his body slowing down. Messi is a more clever player who relies on areas more where age and getting older has less of an effect, similar to Mayweather, a clever boxer.

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in Messi vs Ronaldo - The Final Showdown !!:

    Look at David Haye, a power athlete

    I gave up there. That fraud is no athlete.

  • @johnboywalker Ha-ha.

  • Ronaldo hands down. You don't have to hold until he retires you know...

    Ronny will return so much more in the way of buzz and yes his price will inevitably dip after Saturday (unless Real win thanks to a Ronny hat trick! ) but just buy him after if you're that worried or just hold until he reaches what you consider his peak. He's not even close to that atm for me

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