Sunday PB Query

  • Not sure if my device is playing up or whether this is genuine error in FI.

    Not that he'd have won but why has Chris Wood not been awarded any PB points?

  • He should have some PB points as he scored today.I can't see him on the list though.Not sure whats happened there.He wouldnt finish above falcao or salah today to win a PB dividend though.

  • @Chewbacker

    Thanks for replying. Appreciate he wouldn't have won anything but just happened to notice he wasn't on the list at all, which I find odd. Is he a one off or are others missing. For example, on a day where midfielders/defenders don't score it would be quite easy to overlook them not being in the PB.

    Something FI need to fix imo.

  • Not sure about anymore cos i only usually look for my own portfolio players and those that i am monitoring.There could be others.There are some gliches as yesterday i couldnt sell anyone ? Have you emailed FI.

  • I have emailed FI following your initial reply asking the question if others are impacted.

    Shame that the glitches occur as the FI platform is good but these issues do need to be ironed out as some people might be cost big money one day.

  • Always worth making contact with FI as we all need a fully functional platform.

  • Will share their response if anything of note.

  • I've had a reply from FI acknowledging the glitch and advising it's under investigation. No details as to whether other players were impacted on Sunday, or previously.

    Hopefully, they'll find the issue and resolve.

  • Thanks for the update

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