Swedes and Carrots

  • I must admit, I thought there would be more interest in today's Swedish IPO's with Sweden being added to the platform. I know we joke about the fact people assume Swede's will buy Swede's based on sentiment but it's a World Cup so thought there would be some blinkered bias for at least the group stage.

    My initial analysis show's Lustig, Granqvist and Olsson have a very good goalscoring record from the back so I'm surprised Lustig and Granqvist haven't budged from 30p given other purchases over the past 2 weeks. I haven't invested in them myself as I think they have a pretty tough group and maybe that's putting people off.

    It'll be interesting to see how the strikers go this afternoon and try to work out who's likely to start for them out of the bunch.

    On a side note, did anyone else manage to jump on Ndiaye in the morning session. I think he's an excellent buy given his stats, Senegal's promise and the Arsenal and West Ham links in this mornings papers... I suspect he might mirror GDA yesterday and keep on rising.

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  • @Agatello I'm having the day off IPOs too but if I was to go for anyone it would probably be Marcus Berg, scored 4 goals against Lux in Oct 17 qualifiers so knows where the back of the net is. But can't see any rumours about returning to top 5 leagues.

    Side note, are you still holding Ekambi? Saw rumours he's agreed a deal with Villareal (EL next season)

  • @AT10
    Had an eye on Ekambi too. Just gone in on a few now. Good spot

  • How many Swedes are here i wonder???

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