Golovin & Zielinski

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on these two players? I think they are both very interesting and think there value could certainly spike over the recent future. Both will play at the world cup - both have huge potential and both have been linked to big summer moves AND both are virtually the same price of £1.73. Wanted to know if anyone has any insights on these players as even my grandad looks good on youtube :)

  • I first noticed Golovin when Moscow played Man Utd. He was their best player by far. He then scored against Arsenal a few months later and I thought I better get on him. Got him quite cheap but wish I bought more cos he has gone right up. He’s only young too so if he has a good World Cup I can see a Premier League club signing him. Someone like West Ham or Southampton which should see his price rise even more.

  • Golovin is one of my biggest mistakes to date. I bought early with the WC in mind, at just £0.72 a share. But...... I then sold at £1.06. If only I'd have held (as originally planned) for the WC.

    I'd be cautious buying him at his current price though. A big crash is inevitable when Russia go out of the WC...... or maybe even before, if traders air on the side of caution & sell early

  • @HUFCPaul I'd be very careful mate. Not saying you are wrong but I don't see a transfer to West ham or Southampton increasing his value further. If you have bought him at a cheaper price that's great but unless he gets large PB scores0 I can only see a big increase if he joins the likes of Man U, Arsenal or Liverpool.

    I would say look at other players for West Ham and Southampton and you can see they don't have many current players who are priced above the current price of Golovin.

    As I say I may be wrong but having been on FI for over a year i wouldn't pay much more than the current price for Golovin unless he has a storming WC. I can't see Russia getting past the group stage.

  • @GarethG Not sure a big crash is inevitable if Russia go out as I doubt many people have bought into him based on Russia taking the tournament by storm.

    In my opinion he's not an astronomical price given his talent and potential, yes he's probably been purchased in the hope of a move to one of Europe's powerhouses but if he moves to the EPL with a mid-table side it doesn't mean he should plummet in price either although I accept he would probably take an unknown hit. He's young enough to use it as a stepping stone and still capable of winning PB and MB with strong performances (he does like to get on the ball).

    Finally I really wouldn't rule out the home nation so easily, Saudi Arabia isn't the hardest opener and starting with 3 points is HUGE in the WC. I think he'll run the show in the first game and pick up the Mid and Overall PB, his performance will enhance his reputation and he'll land a big money move!

  • I've invested in Golovin, thinking of selling him after the Saudi Arabia game where hopefully Russia will breeze it.

  • @Agatello I definitely don't see a big crash but all I mean is if he signs for West Ham he isn't going to increase another quid unless he is winning PB 3 or 4 times a season. Thats in my opinion anyway. He's clearly a very good player and I think there's potential for more increase but when you consider that lanzini is currently cheaper than him, plays for a lot better country and has been linked with Liverpool I don't see a big increase on that front.

    Having said that he may increase simply with an influx of new money, as will most others on the index. Who knows but at his current price he doesn't interest me too much.

  • @Stevo it was a reply to Gareth G's comment on Russia going out will inevitably cause a crash in Golovin's price more than an evaluation of his current price which I think is about right given his potential.

    In my opinion we could see the following scenario's based on how he plays, not Russia.

    Flunks during WC and stays @ CSKA 70p - £1
    Flunks during WC but moves to West Ham £1 - £1.40
    Flunks during WC but moves to Utd £2.20+

    Stars during the WC but stays @ CSKA £1 - £1.30
    Stars during the WC and moves to West Ham £1.50 - £2
    Stars during the WC and moves to Utd £2.75+


  • @Agatello I'd agree although i agree with the above comment that no one should be buying Golovin based on Russia staring at the world cup! I think his age potential and performances with CSKA have not gone unnoticed. Of course that's not to say that a some good world cup performances wouldn't help to push a move, it's just not the reason to invest.

  • @Agatello I think they are very fair price brackets mate so totally agree. My previous comments are based on people buying him at his current price. I don't think he is currently over priced but I don't see him rising much more than 30p or so, UNLESS he signs for one of 3 or 4 clubs.

    The other possible price rises could be due to just growth of the whole platform in general which seems inevitable or if he becomes a PB beast.

    I just think there are better options available but as usual it's all just opinions.

  • @NewUser50555 I had golovin at £1.07 and flipped him at £1.46 silly move but those I brought are doing ok to

  • All fair comments, I suppose I overlooked the OP asking whether they were good value as it stands.

    Personally I think he's got more value in him but can also see the risks. Saying that I wouldn't be buying based on Russia starring at the WC, or even compared to loads of others waiting for a big jump.

    On the Russian front there are plenty of players in their squad that represent great value if they do have a good tournament, with such little risk on some of these players I wish I had the money to back the stars from all of the dark horse sides; because there's bound to be an outsider reaching the Quarters.... time to shave the hairy balls and polish them til they're crystal ;-)

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