• So I'd expect price to drop if/when transfer goes through but anyone considering holding or buying in on the basis of his suitability for the MB algorithm? I.e. Single name , popular name , United etc.

  • I'm certainly not going to hold him on single-name MB algorithm's as i think that's all bullsh*t and doesn't really have an effect on the market...

    Usually only a 'big news' transfer rumour would stop Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi, Pogba, Kane, Salah (ie the top six highest value players on FI) from winning MB.. so on that basis... He could be called 'TRUMP' and it wouldn't make a difference as he needs to be sellable through performance or branding...

    but I have recently invested and will look at the market to see what dividends he's brought in and to see if i get a decent return... He's obviously a good player and doing well for Man Utd next season could see his price soar even more but Ideally I would get out before then?.. I'll be monitoring though and hoping for some dividends over the next week or so... otherwise if he makes me 0.50 profit a share I'll be happy but if i'm not seeing much initial movement i'll probably keep and see how he does at OT.

  • Bought him a while back at around £2.20 a share. Sold him yesterday at 2.98, i was tempted to hang on to see if he hit the 3quid mark but thats just then OCD in me lol. Cant see him going much higher than 3 quid as its supposedly already pretty much a done deal. But then again, stories are circulating that he wants to wait until after the world cup to decide his future so his price could possibly rise again but i wasnt for taking the risk. In around the 3 quid mark is as high as hes going imo

  • I'm not the type to say a player's overpriced as it's harsh on those holding him but I couldn't see the initial attraction in Fred (wish I had to be fair!), if you look closely yes he's a monster in Baseline terms based on Avg PPG etc but his creativity and goal threat is very low, 3 goals and 4 assists in 38 games yet he's now higher priced than Eriksen for example.

    If Fernandinho was a few years younger would he have seen the same price? after all he's statistically superior to Fred.

    Just in case I get hammered for slating someone's hold I would say that the Xhaka, Fernandinho, Jorginho, Veratti types do stand a great chance of div's when they bag a GWG so not deadwood in anyone's portfolio. :-)

  • He will go higher than 3 at some point before the end of summer, but that doesn't reflect his ability. He has talent, pace and he could work well in the premier league, but it is a massive risk. He has stood out in a substandard league where average South Americans often do.

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