Auba. Why the risE?

  • So it seems he's been a bit critical of Wenger. Couple of articles have made it ontoFootball Index.

    Can't see any transfer speculation

    No World cup either.

    Has a new manager but that's old news.

    So why the rise. What am I missing.

  • He is a good player ... people are speculating he will explode next year. I reckon a lot of people had him on their watch list and reacted.

    Me too ... I was planning to buy at his old price but too late. He is probably about what he should be price wise for the lead striker of a top 6 prem club.

  • @mike778 Yeah couldnt agree more, he will have his first full season in the prem. Had a chance to settle in and he will be right up their for the golden boot next season..

  • Someone I intend to buy into. I think he will have a strong season next year. I’m gutted his price is rising so soon though as like you said, it’ll be a quiet summer for him in all honesty. I just think some people are already buying for next season. I can’t afford to yet but I’ve got my selections ready 👍

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