Paul Pogba - Is his Ranking & Price about to plummet on the Index?

  • Jose Mourinho seems to have given enough patience with Paul Pogba after only one season, and he seems demermined to offload him before start of next season - CURRENT RANKING (6th) / CURRENT VALUE £6.84.

  • Hmmm, what do you think Ian? Hard to tell given your balanced presentation of events! ;)

    Seriously though, I do think he'd be worth less if he went abroad as his value is so media-related, but while he's being linked to a switch he'll be the media magnet of the summer, so personally I wouldn't be selling until a transfer was more or less completed.

  • @BL__FI If he leaves Man United I think people will sell, and that goes with any player at Man Utd. Also not playing in Premier League is not very attractive, hense your point of him moving abroad. I also think media coverage of the World Cup will outweigh any transfer speculation, plus do people really want to risk a massive loss in his value for the sake of a few possible Media Buzz dividends?

  • @Ian-McNeill Pogba himself was actually pretty dominant in MB of summer 2016 due to the combination of his move to Man U and France having a good tournament. Could see something similar happening this summer to be honest. Would certainly be important to time your exit right though, as with any transfer really. But of course if that seems too risky to you, you should sell now.

    Personally I see his price rising quite a bit yet at various points over the summer. And of course he might not move at all, in which case the buzz saga will continue until at least January. The media love him.

  • @Ian-McNeill hasn't he been there for 2 years? In my opinion I can't see him moving at all think it's just a lot of paper talk with no real substance to it. Mourinho even said at the start of May that he will be here next season and Carrick said the same yesterday. I don't hold but I definitely wouldn't be selling any time soon if I did. Think he's got the potential for a lot of MB wins this summer.

  • Personally I think mourinho will be gone before pogba as united have great talent and a boss that don't get the best out of them turning them mindnumbingly boring

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