I’m a newby after advise

  • My mums partner has joined me up and I would like some tips and advice off of more expiernced traders

  • I'm fairly new myself so can't give you detailed advice. For the first month I suggest gradually investing more over time as you learn how the platform works. Don't worry about mistakes and drops in value. They usually recover and gains can offset your losses. Learn by experimenting and then build up your portfolio once you are confident.

    Some other tips.

    Read the forum regularly. Some very good advice here.
    Sign up to Noir's statistics
    Research, research, research.

    Good luck and welcome.

  • @NewUser149059 welcome to the forum.

    Ok advice

    1. Don't buy based on Twitter tips they are helping themselves not you.
    2. Know that the world's best football players are not necessarily the world's best football index players.
    3. Beware transfer rumours. Players will often rise heavily on transfer gossip but they will crash just as hard and very quickly as soon as the deal is done. The index is incredibly quick to react.
    4. Read through old posts on the forum. There is particularly one in the help section which has a bucket load of advice

  • @NewUser149059 it all depends on what you're looking for mate.

    It's a multifaceted experience.

    Some go for fast wins and others prefer the slow and assured approach. Some like the Media side of things, some prefer the Match Day element and most fall inbetween.

    Some deem a 10% Annual ROI successful but others aren't happy with less than 50% within a week (high risk of course).

    Some are driven by finance only and others enjoy the fantasy football style game with financial reward just a bonus.

    So I guess what I'm saying is have an idea on what you want - something along the lines of I've got £100 to start with, I'd like to make that £120 within X amount of time and I love risk! Or I've got a £1k spare and I want a better rate than any savings account by this time next year.

  • I would say pick from the top six in the Premier league and top 10 European mainly England , Germany , France Italy Spain they are PB leagues

  • I'd also add; make an effort to attend a trader meeting, the free beers and food is a nice bonus but the real value is the friendly atmosphere, the networking and learning available and the opportunity to meet the guys running the show. Adam Cole is very warm and approachable and guys like Tom Randerson who does his Twitter Tip of the Day are a good laugh and a credit to FI.

  • @NewUser149059 again welcome, you've made a good start by connecting to the forum.

    I would also advise looking through the massively improved traders acadamy, I've just had a quick look through and it's much better than what it replaced and wish it was as good when I joined. Lots of helpful, simple advice. Also I would echo all above with the advice of going small to start and building your investment as you learn.

  • @Agatello If they come to Nottingham in a few months then I might come. That's the 16th biggest city in England so I don't see why not.

  • @HappyLarry59855 Nottingham's a decent night out so I'll second that mate.

    I doubt anywhere in Shropshire's on the radar but then again I'm happy to attend wherever it goes.... hopefully Monaco, Puerto Banus, Stockholm and Quebec ;-)

  • @Agatello I've never been before so it should be good.

  • Far too many pieces of advice for one post. In my experience at least half the guys who have commented on here seem good honest traders who are happy to help. But any advice you get do your own research and homework as it is ultimately these reasons you will Invest in a player, have faith in your own decisions. And most importantly... Leave goalkeepers well alone as they just don't make u money. They're the poorest of all positions on FI. Have fun and learn all the time!

  • Would suggest reading the link in my signature. A few people have found it useful.

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